Crypterium Further Increases the Ease of Buying CPRT Tokens Through Bitcoin and Fiat

Crypterium, a platform which aims at providing the world with a complete solution to use cryptocurrencies in the real world scenarios, has further enhanced its application and now supports buying the CPRT tokens directly through its application using bitcoin or fiat.

In the application provided by Crypterium, a button has been added by the company in the upper left side named “CPRT”. Clicking this button gives access to the users to different ways through which it can purchase the CPRT tokens. The hectic procedure of buying tokens by going through the routines presented forward by different exchanges present in the crypto world is completely eliminated by this feature provided by the platform.

In order to buy the CPRT tokens with bitcoin, the user only has to specify how much CPRT’s are required and has to hit to the “send” button in order to make it happen. This is all that is required of a user for this purpose and the tokens are transferred.

But, in order to buy the tokens using fiat currencies, one more additional step is added in the pipeline. An invoice is generated with all the transaction details and is sent to the user. Once the invoice is paid by the user, the required amount of CPRT tokens are transferred to the user by the company. The entire details presented forward by Crypterium regarding the feature can be found in its weekly digest.

Crypterium’s major goal is to bring cryptos in adoption at the ground level. Its aim is to make possible the usage of cryptos for performing daily life operations. Crypterium also focuses on making cross country transfers of money possible with much ease for just a meagre amount of money. Making online payments easier and paying bills using cryptos are some of the other goals targeted by Crypterium as a whole.

One of the major issues in the digital currency world is the usage of cryptos. Instead of using cryptos as currencies to perform tasks, people are mostly using them just to gain profit in fiat. Mainstream adoption of this world is only going to come if people start finding use-cases of cryptos in the real life world. Crypterium aims at making this possible buy providing services that render cryptos useful in the real life.

Previously, talking to BlockPublisher regarding Crypteriums long term vision, its Head of Marketing and Communication Siranush Sharoyan previously stated:

The emerging marketplace is a real opportunity for us to build a global customer base. And what is the most exciting is that we are able to serve those customers from the very beginning of the crypto adoption.

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