Cryptos are Cutting the Cr*p Traditional Investors Faced Before

Crypto Does Not Shame, Crypto Understands.

The Wall Street woman we see is either a sick and disgusting fantasy of the film and television makers, or just a myth. There is no representative or equivalent of a woman as an investment banker at Wall Street. It is as if they do not exist. Okay, well. They might not as many as men. But, they do. While there may not be numerical representation or any true depiction of one, there are plenty of opposing and extra glam visualizations of men in the investment industry.

Yes, that is right, we are talking about the ruthless gender divide again. No we are not talking wages or rights and liberties, we are talking about ourselves. How you and I ought to respond to this exciting stimuli we are served by patriarchy. THIS IS HARDER ON MEN. No crazy puns here. It really is. A ‘hot’ woman shown on television is as bad as a ‘hot’ man. It is trouble.

Until college, so many of us are actually fat and oil loving, big time fast food junkies. We love to munch. Life is better with a deal that serves two, taken by one. Screw being in a relationship if monogamy means diet. But, then your smart AF brain wants to indulge in the talk of the town, the sweetheart of many cryptos. And, here you go wanting to be banker, trader, broker or damn right anything you want to!

Being male you might look for queues on what is desirable in pop culture and mass media or just mainly social media. It all tells you you will get laid if you are wearing suits, drinking without getting foolish and being smooth with the ladies. How very Hollywood typical. How very boring. Always hetronormative and always making investment less desired for you, by telling your mind that you are least desired like this. What a toxic plunder plot against you.

Mind us, you can stop this non sense, because cryptos are for all. Fine Wall Street has its own game going. There are ranks, hierarchies and acceptable social norms their. It is just like a Victorian Ballroom. But, oh dear sweet reader, cryptos are different. They do not discriminate. Cryptos do not fat shame. Cryptos understand. Cryptos do not divide people in gender hetronormativity, Cryptos allow breathing space.

It will not judge you on your personal values. Senior crypto traders will not shame you or even worse, joke on your sexuality, life choices, clothes or language. They will respect it. Experience will not inflate people’s egos so high that they become willing to cut horrible deals just to please themselves with their mind games and deception. Cryptos are clean of this stuff. There are clearly, bigger and more serious things going on in here and unlike the traditional work space, cryptos offer more attention to creative ideas and competitive behavior than who wore what this year at the investors gala. It is mostly numbers and business ideas that get viral, along with the occasional spam and hurtful news. But, that is everywhere and that is an analysis for a different time and subject.

So, if you do not like being bullied and shamed, if you do not approve of gender misrepresentation, gender binary and hetronormativity, then you are in for the right goodies. Cryptos are your holy grail! Don’t let yourself down no more. There is a better world out here, its called the land of cryptos.

So do you want to know which occupation will not fat shame or woman-grade you? It is the fancy and yet so casual world of cryptos and blockchain, the future face of all startups and all things money.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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