Could Cryptocurrencies Be The Death of Humanity?

We’ve all thought about it! We all dread it! But could it really be our future?

There’s no doubt that emerging new technologies like crypto-currency will ultimately improve the way we interact with people and the economy but like all technological advancements there is always a darker side to how the future might pan out. Take the internet for example, billions of organizations, businesses and individuals cannot even fathom a life without the good old World Wide Web, it has helped countless people connect in a way that was unimaginable before and yet more sinister entities like the Dark Web exist within this equation as well. That’s why it’s no surprise that crypto-currencies are also under suspicion and have sparked much online debate from conspiracy theorists and dystopian fanatics.

We’re talking about a bizarre, technological and credit-fueled dystopian reality that looks straight out of a Black Mirror episode.

You know which one we’re talking about.

The premise of “15 million Merits” is seemingly clear; a world where humans have for the most part depleted the Earth of all its natural resources, all but one. Human labor. Now in exchange for online merits (a concept quite similar to our own cryptos) individuals generate energy by riding an exercise bike every day of their lives. Individuals are trapped in a system that ensures they lose. Caught in a never ending cycle of invasive advertisements specifically targeted to create needs and a constant urge to “mine” for more merits so we can consume more and more!

Dystopian future? More like a capitalist’s wet dream!

Or how about this? An alternate reality where technology has isolated us from human interaction so much that life begins and ends in front of our screens and the only way to ever feel the touch of another living breathing human being is through the notion of decentralized memories. Memories uploaded by people from around the world on a server where you can “buy” the happy memory of being with your family on Christmas Eve till you become so buried under debt that you have just enough juice to purchase one more memory to end it all.

Sound eerily familiar?

We don’t mean to scare anyone off the genius that is the realm of crypto-currencies, (the possibilities are endless!) we’re just here to fuel the wholesome and hypothetical discussion that might even help us better understand what we’re dealing with here so we can evade a gruesome future such as this.

Stay tuned for more morbid and fun stuff!

Komal Zaheer

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