Corporate love missing, Reward = 1800+ cryptocurrency startups

The standard economics, world history, language, sociology, social studies or even psychology textbook will tell you that for any idea to become popular, there has been a popular acceptance from businesses first. Only when something can be monetized, it will gain importance.

This has held true for it all. From religion, to art, to music, to culture and to every single f*cking fast moving consumer good.

Things that can help in monetizing others, in adding value and changing opinions of the customers (of them thinking about buying to turning it into the actionable purchase), things that help in increasing sales are what are next in line for popularity on the globe.

Social media for example. Traditional media. Sponsored events like Olympics and World-cups. Whatever helps in making people buy more, extract more profit and acquire more power with that profit is what enables all ideas. An idea that can sell things, should sell itself well enough.

Think: Do More Things x Popularity = More Money. 

Simple right? All of this simplicity and still cryptos are struggling to gauge more people.

Do you feel that with all given traits, cryptocurrencies are lacking? Are they lacking the ability to be a good marketing strategy? No. Are the lacking the hip-tag or the label that businesses would want? No.

THEN WHAT IS THE BLOODY MATTER WITH IT?? Yeah, well we are as surprised as you right now.

Business pose as if they are super creative. But, because they are so centralized and the actually creative minds have such limited creative freedom, they remain fools of their own doing.

So, despite what may look like the hottest and fastest decision making organisations are actually just under pinches of their own boujee behavior. Not to forget that by the virtue of being a business they have no brains of themselves, they are run on what the staff says and the staff may be the best but the process may not be.

Whatever improvements are needed, are done at a time when they should have been done ages ago, they are done too little too late. 

So, if the staff does not comprehend the scope of cryptocurrency and how it can change the public perception of their products it is just plain sad. Cryptocurrency and its entire ecosystem or the galaxy as we like to call it, will benfit if mainstream Fast moving consumer goods and what not come on board. They will because that small fraction of people in the world will bring thousands x millions and millions of people.

But, businesses will gain more. If they choose to be different, utopian and actually forthright they would have done it ages ago when they first launched. Popular banks and payment houses are doing it because for them the movement is not complicated. They have teams dedicated to the purpose. For others, it is a complex debate.

It is up to businesses then, if whether they would like to remain poor foresighted, worry about the risks, and remain un-creative in times where creativity is everything.

Be different. Make this world a better place.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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