Corporate Communications Manager ChiliZ Explains Motivation Behind Referral Program

Sports and entertainment based cryptocurrency ChiliZ has announced a referral program which promises referees of successful candidates EUR 1,000 in $CHZ tokens. The program, launched on November 1 is catered for job applications to become a part of the ChiliZ platform and in addition, rewards people who recommend candidates that are successfully employed later on. The referral program is one of a series of interactive community programs undertaken by ChiliZ under is Socios.com platform, which is a purpose built solution for football fans all over the world to buy merchandise and official football club products.

Corporate Communications and Content Manager at ChiliZ, Waylon Johnston explained the program to BlockPublisher and while discussing the core aim and vision of ChiliZ, he reported that all programs are ideated towards inculcating more knowledge and adaptability of blockchain across all sets of the community. He said:

One of our main aims at chiliZ is to foster and facilitate a deeper understanding of Blockchain technology and its incredible adaptability across a wide range of industries.

He further explained the referral program, more potently known as the ‘Refer a Friend’ program and stated that it not only provides a wider scale of recruitment, but also motivates followers to claim a chance to own CHZ tokens. He explained:

The Refer a Friend programme gives us the opportunity to cast a wider net when it comes to recruitment, increase brand awareness and give someone the chance to own some $CHZ Tokens.

The Refer a Friend program promises EUR 1,000 in $CHZ tokens as reward for referees of successful applicants. All you have to do is recommend a friend and have him apply while adding your name as a referee during the application process.

The ChiliZ platform, powered by Mediarex is inclined towards providing solutions for sports and e-sports fans and offers them engagement through initiatives such as this. Using blockchain technology, it aims to transform fans and spectators into actual participants of the sports they love. The ChiliZ platform based in Malta, spreads across 13 nationalities and has already partnered with European football giants Paris Saint Germain and Juventus to provide exclusive content and merchandise for fans.

Razi Khan

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