Coindashian, Bitcoin and the Kardashians

Yes, we have all heard of the ridiculous CoinyeWest token. The idea was to mock Kanye West and hope that he falls for it. The original idea and the design of the token was actually based on the South Park version of him and then changed to a creepier half man/half fish version. It lacked glamour, reason and need.

Why make their own?

Coins and tokens are a very risky indulgence anyway but having to start your own is as easy as it is a recipe for failure. Why would somebody need to have their own token anyway? Aren’t there enough tokens already? Isn’t there enough choice in ways to make a complete fool out of yourself already??

What good are coins or tokens anyway? Well, for starters they are just like loyalty cards. You could offer one to people if you have a wide range of items to sell. You know, for example a top selling book filled with loads of pages of Kim Kardashian’s selfies. Or, a make up line, or luxe sleepwear or even auction your used or pre-loved Gucci bags for family run charities.

One could benefit a lot from these currencies after all. They have their own charm. There is one family that could use the charm of cryptos and we all know it.

The Kardashians are a brand. They are more than reality television, luxury makeup and social media promoted branded good-makers, they are more than influencers!

What is The Kim Coindashian Project?

It is something that is good for their indulgent label! It is good for their up to date and top notch quality products and their own self reflection.

This could make them a lot of dollars. Kylie’s company for example could not only be the youngest, fastest billionaire driven mainstream cosmetic industry but also the most forward thinking and all out crazy one too.

For example, when Overstock began accepting bitcoins, they received $124,000 in business via Bitcoin in the first 21 hours.

Over half the world does not have a bank account and these people will have a chance with digital currencies. Cryptos and especially bitcoin give the Kardashians access to the places that are dry of any global pop culture influences, they could dominate them.  That is some power!

Whether this is through Kim Coindashian, Bitcoin or Kylie’s cosmetic token, it is still a big what if for us to know.

Khunsha Javed

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