Coca-cola, Businesses and Cryptocurrency

This is a story about three lovers, coca-cola, cryptocurrency and business organisations. Or, in short the adoption of cryptos via businesses just like coca-cola saw it.

Everything starts with a little help from the business world.

The world is huge. The number of ideas and phenomenon that are introduced everyday are unlimited. Ever wonder what is fueling them? What is fueling cancer research or the development of electric cars, is it social benefits? Um, f*ck that, because ain’t nobody that altruistic. Research and development happens when the idea is profitable.

This leads people to newer things. Things that work beautifully (make a lot of money), become popular and are took over by whole markets in no time.

Coca-cola was developed as a cure for headache (it is for mine though), to make a profit by selling it, obviously. It was then sold to bottlers and what not. It spread during the world war in support and service to the U.S. army and yes we all know how it went from there on. But, if it had not been for the money, it would not have been at all! None of it. None of it!

Businesses have invented corporate social responsibility, but it is to make even more profit in the name of giving back. Leaving no stones un-turned.

If we can narrow one thing that the world runs on it will be money. But, funny you point out that cryptocurrency itself is money. But, the world is not going bonkers over it? (well, it is, the world is bigger than yours and mine uneducated minds combined)

So, what happens when it comes to cryptocurrency? It’s been a good nine years, where is a the public appeal and business adoption?

So, anyway, yes. One of the forms of money, despite being ah-mazing, is facing trouble reaching the masses. Who is to be blamed?

Imagine if coke gets up and says you can only buy it if you have the coke-token (hypothetically). Real lovers will get on with the idea. The coke wave will begin. The adverts, the themes, it all will be a quick dive in to the future.

Coke should not do it, but the point is it can. Cryptos do not need dedication they need attention. They can save businesses the bigger bucks and can add to the brand values, why is nobody thinking out of the box? Well, its just sad.

Cryptos disrupt the world of business and shake things because cryptos are deemed as the futuristic, tech-savvy and extremely complicated or at times risky and flavorful item. So, if they do not jump on this bandwagon, somebody else will. Business entities hate their competitors, or at best of their behaviors they try to beat them in a healthy way.

So beat it baby, before it beats you. Because, your darling cryptos, they ain’t gonna go anywhere, (but, to your competitors, other consumers and then take the consumer off to a new planet of future with all the money they formerly gave to you!)

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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