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CINDX Implements Civic’s Reusable Know Your Customer (KYC) Service Across its Platform

CINDX, a platform to assist investors and manage their own crypto asset ventures and portfolios for a suitable fee, joins head with Civic Technologies Inc. to bring the security protocols, a major feature of the later firm on board, for the CINDX platform. Civic Technologies seek to incorporate their blockchain-based security measures to CINDX in order to make the platform more secure for major investors and companies to manage their ventures over being provided the utmost transparency ever possible.

Civic Technologies have their Know Your Customer (KYC) service over CINDX which is titled the best security protocol to date. Talking to BlockPublisher, the Chief Marketing Officer of CINDX, Mofassair Hossain summated the newly instated relationship in the following way,

CINDX and Civic have partnered in order to establish the purity that can escalate CINDX to further operational success. By incorporating Civic’s KYC, we intend major adoption and user-friendliness for our platform which will boast supreme security on a larger scale. The introduction of decentralization to extract tight security has been a key feature of the partnership owing to which we intend to build the identity verification for the users who can now own solely, their own personal data.

Civic’s KYC includes the identity verification process that is set to introduce newer values of transparency and security to CINDX that can boost the addition of major clientele as firms and investors with major cash demand higher security protocols to hold their amount in check and obviously in control. The system validates the information of a specific user after which the information is stored over a local device or end system. This system of validation prevents the data from being viewed by a third party other than identity.com, as this is the one responsible for the security implementation. More control for the user to share a specific length of their information to the person of their choosing is the vital take of the aforementioned partnership.

Civic’s framework KYC allows the users of CINDX to bypass any third party authentication that includes a username along with a password. This can ease the entrance of the local user into the CINDX system keeping the security protocols intact and ready to tackle a breach. The current users of Civic are allowed even an entrance into the latest system of CINDX without the verification as the Civic system has already incorporated the verification and the company intends to ease the users in any way possible.

The identity verification is left off for the users already over the Civic network which works in favor of Civic in this symbiotic partnership which sure is a win-win at the end of the day. CINDX gets a newer and more efficient security platform to place its existing system over and Civic gets the recognition and the users that come with it serving as the icing on top.

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