Cindicator Explained By its Chief Business Development Officer, Ksenia Semenova

There a lot of blockchain-based platforms floating around in the crypto world providing various services. While most of these projects provide redundant services, some are actually focused on various important niches of the crypto financial world. Cindicator seems to be one of the latter projects.

Cindicator is essentially a blockchain platform aimed at making asset management easier for users through the employment of hybrid intelligence. In order to get a full insight into the project, BlockPublisher recently got in touch with the Chief Business Development Officer of the project, Ksenia Semenova. The following Q&A with Ksenia helps one understand the project in detail.

  • What is the vision behind Cindicator?

Ksenia: “We envision a future where human intelligence is combined and strengthened with artificial intelligence in order to solve problems in periods of high uncertainty. The range of implementation is very broad, and includes politics, finance and ecology. We’re currently focusing on financial markets, both traditional and crypto. Crypto markets are especially volatile and that’s why it’s hard to make decisions amid high uncertainty. We believe that Hybrid Intelligence technology is a solution. At the core of it is the intelligence of a large, decentralised group of people. They make forecasts daily about different assets and market events. This large amount of data (around 400,000 forecasts per month) is then processed by machine learning models. The resulting data is transformed into highly valuable indicators.”

  • Is scalability an issue for Cindicator?

Ksenia: “We don’t consider scalability an issue for us. In the Cindicator ecosystem, blockchain technology is used to create an internal economy in which CND tokens are used for accessing our products.

The Cindicator model is a unique and sustainable ecosystem, where all members are interconnected and interested in the success of the ecosystem as a whole. To access our products a trader or investor needs to hold a certain number of tokens (depending on the product level). This is what prevents the potential problem of devaluing indicators – when millions of traders and investors have the same information it eliminates its core advantage. The number of issued tokens is limited, and so the number of traders in our ecosystem who are able to access our products is also limited. Moreover, by improving the quality of our products and increasing their value, we raise competition within our target audience (traders, investors, funds) and create stronger motivation for them to contribute more to our ecosystem.”

  • What is the target audience of your platform?

Ksenia: “The Cindicator Collective Intelligence Platform now has 120,000 users over a very wide geographical area: we have analysts from Europe, Asia, the US and Russia. At the moment we’re actively expanding our analyst community in Asian countries, particularly in South Korea.

Regarding their experience, we have both: professional financial analysts and anyone else who is interested in financial markets. And we aim to improve their skills and motivate them to do better. For example, we educate our community through educational content (newsletters, blog posts), meetups and challenges. They grow with us because they all are highly motivated, not only financially (we have a monthly prize fund that is distributed among analysts), but also because they want to learn and contribute to the development of the core of our ecosystem, Hybrid Intelligence.”

  • What are Cindicator’s goals moving into 2019?

Ksenia: “We have huge plans throughout all our tracks: product development, business development, and marketing.

We plan to expand our community of analysts and traders in South Korea – we will soon be launching a special challenge, for example.

We also plan to further improve the user experience of analytical products and increase their value for traders. For example, the team is now working on the web application for token holders and visualisations for indicators.

For the Collective Intelligence Platform, we’re already working on redesigning the motivational system and creating special educational content that will improve the skills of our analysts. We are also conducting a variety of experiments with gamification.

Our team is also preparing to launch the first financial products based on Hybrid Intelligence. This will be a major milestone for Cindicator and we’ll definitely share details with you once it’s finalised.”

Read more about the project here.


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