Christmas Special: Two Snob Children – KFC’s Fried-Chicken Fire Wood Log and Bitcoin!

Christmas is Here!

The Christmas bells are jingling everywhere in this big super-happy holiday time of the year! As people wait for boxing day and Santa to bring presents KFC geared up and capitalized on the holiday market earlier than rest this season. Although, little did it know that it would run out of the logs in less than 3 working days, the idea was a big hit and nothing else like this to represent the holiday love in our heart!

Why We Love KFC!

Nothing screams American like fried chicken. It rhymes so must be true. We already know that KFC takes its red color and the brand identity very very seriously, whether its India, Pakistan or USA, nobody can play or fool around its name.

The red bucket and beautifully fragrant chicken goes way back, it made American food American Dreamy.  Nothing some Mc Dream can do, it only takes the original 11 herbs and spices to be what it is today, a bold statement. It is finger lickin’ good. Perhaps, all readers will agree that I’m Lovin this not that!

Bitcoin is the ‘KFC’s Fried-Chicken Fire Wood Log’ For Blockchain

The company paired with Enviro-log, a Yule log manufacturer that works with only recycled materials, to wrap logs in KFC-scented, fire-starting paper.

11 Herbs & Spices Firelog from Enviro-Log®, Less like fire more like fried chicken. Less like currency more like access to freedom. Too tempting to resist, too good to be thought of ever before. Just like the fire log, the crypto world has been taken away and this sway-moment was made possible by Bitcoin’s genesis block back in 2009.

KFC selling chicken-scented fire log

Via – @kfc/Twitter

Celebrate The Good Old Fashioned Capitalist Way!

Eat more, make everything you own super comfortable, make your life what you want it to be. This idea screams the american dream, it shouts that you do whatever you wish you wanna do with your life, this means that you and i really can do what we like, because we have got everything we need right to our taste, to the tiniest details, be it be the smell of our fire, the brand of the wood log or the kind of currencies we play in.

This is the Twenty-First century lovelies, if you can make the aroma of your house turn into the “mouth-watering aroma of Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe,” you can do anything, like play with real internet money and beat Vegas to it’s own game!


Bitcoin is the snob child of tech. Just like KFC is of American Fast Food. Know better? Challenge us!

Khunsha Javed

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