Christmas is Close, Are You Ready For The Best Secret Santa Ever? Thankyou Bitcoin!

The thing about Christmas is that it is global phenomenon, it is celebrated like the one and only, first true celebration made for all. Yeah, sure, the Santa is white and stereo-typically fat and derived from Coke adverts, the pop culture mocks Santa for so much, and the holiday decorations, sales, extravagant meals are all very capitalistic, but Christmas is Christmas.

We all Love it. We absolutely, sure shot, freakin’ Love it! The obsession is real. This means that the charm and excitement for Christmas is undeniable. This is the season of giving gifts, loving, caring and SECRET SANTA!

So, we are something like two days away from this years biggest holiday and just in case we have still got to figure out what to do, here is what we can:

With a little help from Bitcoin.

Getting someone money as a gift is stupid, because if they are frugal they would not use it where you would like it to be that is to indulge or to have fun. Then maybe you could give them something that you buy, and to be creative you can pay in bitcoin. No. Not even this is good.

There is a way to get them something you want, at least in the category of things you would like, they will be bound to get it and use and they can choose what it will be. Sounds like an interesting deal no? Yes! This means you get to get fancy and whoever is your secret Santa recipient gets to enjoy a lot!

  1. Give away Bitcoin!
  2. Give away things bought with Bitcoin.
  3. Give away gift cards of Bitcoin.

These are ranked in the order of the least creative option being on top.

So your best bet, is a gift card, with that established let’s understand this:

Even if it is not a secret Santa thing and you want your dad to try out this really cool new tech, then you could do this for him too. There are gift cards for all, for Adidas, for gadgets, for food, or groceries, for other clothes, cars, everything!

Gyft is a small solution. No surprise there: our lives are busy. Gyft offers an array of gift cards that you can purchase with your coins. So, while the gift might not be bitcoin itself, it was at least purchased with the cryptocurrency.


The options are unlimited, you can choose a little, a little the person can choose for themselves, fun right?

Khunsha Javed

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