Chinese School Headmaster Fired For Secretly Mining Ethereum While On The Job

We’ve heard of crazy crypto enthusiasts who are spending actual Bitcoins in order to send random messages into space but this news story covered by The BBC really tops them all.

Apparently the Principal at a school in China was fired after his colleagues discovered that he was diverting the school’s electricity to nine crypto mining rigs. Headmaster Lei Hua took his dedication to mining the Ethereum token a bit too far when he actually resorted to stealing his workplace’s electricity to get some coins.

As per the news report, other teachers at the school in Hunan became aware of this secret when they identified that the continuous and mysterious machine sounds came from nine crypto mining rigs that led to the school’s electricity bill spiking up a whopping 14,700 yuan which is £1,600.

What’s even more interesting is that when on an earlier occasion, the mysterious electricity bill was pointed out to the headmaster, he simply stated that it was just the air conditioners and heating devices that caused this unexplained spike.

In a statement to the BBC, cyber-security expert at Hacker House, Matthew Hickey said, “The noise and heat of nine actively running mining machines would have been very noticeable.”

“Sadly, stealing electricity is one way that people have tried to maximize their revenue – by avoiding those costs it can drastically improve returns on a mining operation,” he further added.

It is no secret that the mining of cryptos not only requires special and expensive machinery but this process takes up a lot of energy consumption and also takes up a lot of space. This is apart from the fact that the machinery and specialized computers need a viable cooling mechanism as they can easily get overheated, hence the grotesque electricity bill the school received.

Headmaster Lei Hua originally bought and installed one rig within his home but on seeing the heavy load it needed, decided to not only move it but 8 new machines to the school’s computer room.

The headmaster however was not alone in this little venture as the deputy headmaster also became an accomplice to the crime soon after. Although the headmaster was fired, his deputy however, was let off with a warning. The machines along with all the money that was made during this illegal mining enterprise have been confiscated by local authorities.


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