Childhood Gaming Fantasies All Coming Alive!

The dreams of our childhood, of living in fantasy worlds where our lives are as simple as constructing homes, redecorating, earning karma and eating goopy carbonara for lunch is now coming true with amazing Ethereum based virtual reality universes and worlds. It is funny to live in a world that has galaxies such as Ethereum blockchain in it, and itself in the Milkyway, interesting right?

Just like an Inside-outside-inside twisty trippy tunnel dream. Well, we are all grown ups here and we have all tried watching cartoons on pot and felt some of the most amazing subtexts occur to us. Well, as it turns out we do not need the drugs anymore to get us wild and all imaginative.

A new escape is here. It is not just Decentraland, but others as well. Crypto-Collectibles take us to a wolrd of different values, meanings and excitements. That is the romantic rendezvous we all need to plan as a get away this weekend.

The thing with the Ethereum Blockchain is that it is not alone in shaping the face of the internet arcade for the coming years. Virtual reality, token based games, artificial intelligence and advanced video gaming console experiences are trying to make gaming ever more immersive and engulfing than before. These really will take over the gaming industry by recruiting so many more enthusiasts and lovers in the ecosystem.

Pilot runs and semi launches of things such as the Decentraland’s Genesis city,  0 and 1st gen cryptofighters and a bunch of Axies has started the turmoil in the future of all things gaming.

People are buying small pieces of land that promise huge virtual value in the next few years for insane amount of cryptos. The virtual real estate has attuned a lot of game makers and esports companies, such huge sales mean that if viewers are given good graphics they will go on and have the time of their life!

The limit on the number of these assets add all the value to them plus their art. Genesis’s art is the dream! back in 93′ nobody could have dreamt of such a 360° experience that virtual reality offers. The blockchain base allows these venture to remain until earth does. This means for more than our lives.

The crypto based assets live on.

This plus the limited supply mean that all the assets are going to rise in price, yes it is all speculation here and no i am not a fortune teller but looks like these assets will be inflating a whole bunch and the systems will turn into some major cultural spaces.

These game worlds are already discrimination and geographical limitation free. This allows all citizens of time to enjoy life non stop without hurdles. The gaming industry and community is growing in terms of popularity, size, potential and creativity. Wow this is not a dream but so dream like, i guess that is the beauty of VR?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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