Chicken Soup For The Crypto-Soul

Tired of always carrying cash around with yourself? Have you tried following the new trend of cryptocurrency? Well, cash is no longer in and cryptocurrency is the new trend for the better. Cryptocurrency is here to change the world, as it’s a good investment due to the decentralized characteristics. But what makes the cryptocurrencies exciting and what risks that come with it? We’ll help you out with that. Grab your seats and stay steady.

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What Does Cryptocurrency Mean?

Many of you have already heard the word cryptocurrency. But what is it? It’s a digital structure of currency made to be used as an exchange medium. A process by which helps to transfer contents that involved in tracing transfers and procurements is used which is called the cryptography. Cryptography has become a measure to protect communication as well as our digital money. It has also been used to secure intelligence.

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How Does It Work?

Cryptos have not printed bills they are just like actual money. With free software, they are created by computers all over the world. Isn’t that amazing? The system associated with cryptocurrency allows payments to be transferred between users. Just like that. And it’s without any central authority like banks with paperwork. All that trouble is just not worth it anymore.

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Major Types of Cryptocurrencies

Yes, even cryptocurrencies have types just like we do. So be picky and choose the one which is suitable for you. They come in different kinds and design and with different technologies and approach.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the currency which did it all first! It is the most dominant of all currencies. “Bitcoin mining” is the word that is used for the circulation of bitcoin which is established by regular users like us. Now the amazing thing is that it can be forwarded without having to worry about anything. You can forward it anywhere and wherever you like.

Litecoin (LTC) is also one of the famous currencies that use Scrypt encryption system. The most fascinating thing about the Litecoin is that its availability amount for mining and circulation is quadruple of bitcoin quantity. In simple words, Litecoin has four times its quantity than the bitcoin. Maybe we have a winner. Maybe.

Ethereum is not only a platform for a token, just like the rest, but it is also used as a platform to produce Blockchain applications. It allows no scam, manipulation, intervention by a third part. It uses smart contracts and together with distributed applications developing. It’s like buying pizza and getting one absolutely free.

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What Does The Future Hold?

Just because there are already exciting cryptocurrencies doesn’t mean other (maybe better) cryptocurrencies won’t come to the market. The new Decenternet has emerged and is a promising platform that uses a decentralized system but is expected to become a key player in the cryptocurrency market. Its currency is called “spice” can be exchanged with other digital currencies and also is the core of its trade. Maybe we will just have to wait and watch, who’s better in the world of crypto.

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