Cheating Husbands Paying in Bitcoin To Hide Their Secret Affairs!

The affair you’re having is no longer a secret! Unless you send Bitcoin! What the f*ck?

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Affairs always come and bite you in the ass! They always do! Karma is a b*tch isn’t it?

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Scammers will be scammers! They are always looking for new ways to strip you off. Blackmail isn’t a new thing for scammers anyway. Some scammers are prying on the cheating husbands now. We won’t say they don’t deserve it. After all who are we to decide right?

Scammers have been sending letters to cheating husbands, threatening to reveal their affairs to their wives. Unless they listen to what they want. They are asking for thousands of dollars of Bitcoin, as warned by the FBI. According to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center, there was increase in report of extortion attempt in August.

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One of the threats were posted on Twitter, received by a man named Jeff Strohl who resides in Washington, DC. The letter read:

My name is GreySquare15 and I know about the secret you are keeping from your wife and everyone else. More importantly, I have evidence of what you have been hiding. I won’t go into the specifics here in case your wife intercepts this, but you know what I am talking about.

However, Strohl had no secrets to hide and immediately showed the letter to his wife. Strohl is happily and faithfully married. But, he was little on the edge after he received the letter, it seems justified.

The letter demanded that $15,750 in Bitcoin needed to payed within a span of nine days. The author of the letter referred it as the “confidentiality fee.” If the person doesn’t comply; family, friends and neighbors would be informed about his affair. The secret won’t be a secret anymore!


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People can drop so low sometimes!

The letter was pretty clear about how if the deadline isn’t met. The secret will be out and the evidence will also be released to everyone. The author of the letter knew how to hit the soft spots and emotionally blackmail the husband.

The FBI released a warning note about how there are variations of letters being sent to husbands. The letters share a common themes using people’s names, passwords and usernames as threat tactics. Mostly the letters accused the receiver of visiting porn websites, cheating and some other type of compromising information. There were even lines like “I installed malware on the adult video site.” Isn’t this all outrageous?

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All these extortion scams try to take advantage of the of current events like new trends or high profile breaches that involves the internet to add the authenticity needed to make it look all real and scary.

The attacker has been sending the letters to everyone with no real evidence in hopes he’ll get lucky with a husband who actually something to hide. It wouldn’t work on husbands who are faithfully married of course such as Strohl. But, if the letters hit the right target then the person might be willing to pay.

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It’s obviously unethical. But, what we do know? Scammers are desperate for Bictcoin!

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