Chasy-ing Your Dreams

CHOO, CHOOO, CHOO, CHOO… MAKE WAY FOR… okay, not trains, not yet, BUT BLOCKCHAIN IS MOVING INTO CAR SHARING. And, who knows they might be introduced to trains as well in the near future.

It’s funny how I didn’t realize that Uber is also a third-party app which brings the driver and the customer together. All these apps are just cashing in on the fact that we can’t directly connect. Ironic how we are still deluded into thinking that we are more connected than ever. So, what are the platforms that are finishing this gap? Who is wiping out these companies?


A fitting name for a ride-sharing startup. This blockchain on wheels is a place where users can connect directly in a transparent way while building a public reputation. Below is their story!

Tommy Marquez was himself an Uber driver. He had been driving around for two years and was known by the local Uber HQ as the “Referral King” for his number of signups in such a short time. After recognizing his market potential, he started a referral website which allowed people to benefit from Uber bonuses upon signing up for $750. He learned the value of incentives in the sharing economy. Though the result was bad because Uber ended up deactivating him for “mass promoting” without being directly affiliated with the company.

After being removed he started working with Arcade City, he was more of a contributor than an employee. He was associated with them because he was working to build a project that would one day allow him to build Chasyr. While his time there, he realized that all the funds being collected weren’t being spent on the project and this resulted in him leaving after 5 weeks. He didn’t regret his decision as he walked out with the complete knowledge of blockchain and motivation to do it himself.

Why it is cooler

Chaysr seems to be a much cooler app than Uber. Here’s why:

Rating System

Considering that you have to get in a strangers car and trust him to take you somewhere is terrifying. With all those stories of not getting in the back of a strangers car have been wired into our brain. However, there seems to be no way around this mess so you have to pray that nothing bad happens.

The way people make sure they are slightly safe is by looking at the rating of the driver and how many rides he has given. This gives you confidence if you can take this ride. But here’s the thing, you don’t really get to choose, Uber himself links you to a driver and then you can cancel the ride if you’re not comfortable with it.

HOWEVER, Chaysr works differently, it allows YOU to choose who you want to ride with. Before requesting a ride, it gives a breakdown of how many successful rides the potential driver has given and the driver could do the same before they decide to take up your ride.


You must be wondering how do people, who are the developers of this blockchain, benefit from it? Well, it works on a token-based system where you need to buy them in order to request a ride. It hopes to give drivers the power of creating transactions with cryptocurrency. Moreover, another advantage of Chaysr is that early adopters will have voting rights in a way.

Being the person who highly depends on Uber to get me anywhere, I am psyched to hear about blockchain being a part of this.

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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