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Charles Hoskinson Keen On Moving IOHK Operations To The United States

Input Output Hong Kong founder and CEO Charles Hoskinson has revealed that the blockchain architecture development firm has begun moving its base of operations from Hong Kong to Wyoming in the United States. IOHK, a research and development firm using peer-to-peer systems is an industrial leader in the fields of cryptography and distributed systems. Founded in 2015 by Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson, IOHK has come about to be one of the leaders in peer-to-peer innovations, with CEO Hoskinson also having been involved with Cardano cryptocurrency.

Hoskinson was speaking to BlockPublisher’s media partner EAK TV at the recently concluded Decentralized 2018 in Athens, Greece. Hoskinson revealed IOHK’s planned departure from Hong Kong to the United States. He said:

We’re leaving Hong Kong and moving to Wyoming, US. I live in Colorado so we’re now a US company, but we run a lot of subsidiaries abroad … we do have some substance in Switzerland, I helped setup Crypto Valley [Conference] so that’s near and dear to my heart.

Having also been present at the Blockchain Summit in Malta earlier last month, Hoskinson reminisced about his time there and shared his admiration about the proclaimed “Blockchain Island”. He stated:

Malta was a “a natural fit for the blockchain industry,” and was attracting lots of entrepreneurs and big-name players in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Hoskinson has his own share of experience in the cryptocurrency space, along with his wealth of exposure with IOHK. He is the founder of the Cardano (ADA) token and also one of the co-founders of Ethereum. In addition, he is also the Director for the Bitcoin Education Project.

Moving operations to the United States is expected to increase exposure to IOHK while also incubating blockchain projects in the region. The Wyoming region is the 10th largest state in the States and the least populous. It provides an ideal opportunity for IOHK to begin from scratch and empower its services as the leaders in the region.

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