CEO ProximaX Discusses The Project’s Long-Term Vision, Focus and Team With BlockPublisher

ProximaX is a blockchain and DLT extension that enables an all-in-one environment for a broader cross-industry application and decentralized app development. Its utility provides for businesses, enterprises and innovators in services like storage, content delivery, messaging and media streaming with its native coin, the XPX, which contributes to incentivize contributors to its decentralized network.

ProximaX Chief Executive Officer Lon Wong has shared the platform’s focus on long-term goals and a few details about the ProximaX team in a short interview with Block Publisher. He reported that ProximaX aims to promote blockchain into the mainstream applications for individuals and industries and they do that by providing normal life services aided via blockchain. He also discussed the project’s focus for the quarter, stating that they aim to form partnerships with governmental organizations on their platform along with the industrial sector. He also discussed their target audience, which mainly focus on systems and application development.

The details from the short Q/A with Lon are as follows:

What is ProximaX’s long-term vision?

Our vision is to make blockchain relevant by integrating distributed technologies such as database and file management systems, thereby providing a practical, holistic platform that is suitable for applications and industries at large.

What is the project’s main focus right now?

Our main focus is to deploy the platform across industries particularly with government and quasi-government bodies incorporating services on our platform.

Is the team local or global?

Being a global project, we have an international team based in various locations around the world.

What is the target audience of the platform?

The ProximaX Sirius Platform is an enterprise class solution. It is a platform for all apps and systems development. It is therefore highly versatile, and malleable to suit many types of applications. Consequently, the target market stretches from Governments to industries such as traceability, IoT, medical, Registrars, manufacturing, application developers, gaming, financial including trade financing, Identity management, almost anything that needs a system to power their application.

More from Lon and ProximaX up next, including a featured project review.

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