CEO of Enjin Coin Discusses the Platform’s Long-Term Vision

As we see today, a lot of crypto tokens and coins are floating around in the crypto space. Most of the coins present forward similar use-cases and almost provide the same services to the users. One of such coin seen floating around is Enjin Coin, a platform aimed at providing a complete and comprehensive ecosystem to its users in order to develop decentralized games and applications. In order to get to know more about the platform and its long-term vision, BlockPublisher got in touch with the Chief Executive Officer of Enjin Coin, Maxim Blagov.

Talking about Enjin Coin’s long-term vision, Maxim stated:

What started as a mission to bring fairness and purpose to gaming has expanded into a commitment to facilitating a new wave of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption within mainstream markets. Our first target is the gaming market, which has a gross revenue of $120 billion annually.

Enjin Coin is primarily focused on the gaming industry as of yet, but further adding on to his statements, Maxim expressed its plans of expanding beyond the world of gaming stating:

However, we believe that the blockchain is the best way to manage all forms of asset ownership in a transparent, secure way—so we can envision Enjin forming partnerships and providing solutions that span well beyond the gaming industry.

Previously, Maxim also expressed his thoughts regarding blockchain changing the world of digital asset management.

Enjin Coin’s ecosystem provides users with the ability to build dApps even if they are not experienced Solidity developers. Rewards that have actual real-life value are also given to the participants of the ecosystem for active engagement.

As we move forward in time, saturation in the crypto market is expected to rise exponentially. But as saturation increases, not all cryptos are expected to survive the trials of time. In the long run, those cryptos which present forward strong use-cases or have strong partnerships are more likely to survive. Enjin Coin provides a strong and viable real-life use-case of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. This makes it a very strong project to look out for in the long run.

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