CEO ChiliZ Announces Creation Of 8.8 Billion $CHZ Tokens And Hints Over Distribution Plans

Malta based global entertainment cryptocurrency platform ChiliZ have shared details about creation of 8.8 billion ChiliZ tokens and the milestone it serves, in the latest blog post published this week. The announcement was written by founder and CEO Alex Dreyfus himself, where he lauded the development team and teased its followers about distribution plans related to partnerships with European football clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus.

In the post, CEO Alex shared the comfortable position the project now finds itself in, given the greater progress made with regards to marketing, audit, road map and partnerships. Block Publisher reached out to Alex and his press team, but they declined to add any commentary relating to progress and updates.

What Dreyfus did talk about was the platform’s partnerships with premier European football clubs, French champions PSG and Italian giants Juventus. The CEO also hinted at the prospect of partnering with English Premier League clubs to provide community and fan base services powered by $CHZ tokens.

Alex revealed in the blog post that the team is now working on a distribution plan for the created tokens and it should take 2-3 weeks. When asked for a comment on distribution plans, Alex directed to his press officer while stating “But you won’t get anything re: distribution plans”. However, in the post, he reveals that the tokens would be distributed to the Juventus and PSG fan base:

The tokens will be distributed to our contributors and trading partners, to ensure that Paris Saint-Germain & Juventus fans can start to accumulate $CHZ tokens, and be the first to acquire Fan Tokens.

Alex also talks about work being done on lining up the next top sports teams to join ChiliZ in its Socios.com platform and the future of the brand empowerment to the community. Alex says:

Our blockchain marketing strategy has begun, as we start to promote our chiliZ brand and grow our community.

CEO Alex Dreyfus also shares that he will be meeting with Japanese and Korean investors and speakers in Malta while also speaking at events in Bangkok and Singapore at the end of November. We hope to get Alex talking more by then.

Razi Khan

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