Centralized Ripple Will Die on its Own As Decentralization Will Prevail, Says Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis, a monetary economist has ignited a rather gloomy but seemingly truthful discourse about the centralization versus decentralization amidst the crypto intellectuals that the row between the two juggernauts will see the culmination with decentralization still standing as the dust settles down. Ripple and other Ripple inspired altcoins are all down for the worst in the near future as the decentralization is set to prevail at the end of the day. Though there are much counter-arguments to this statement from the cheerers of the centralized approach of dealing cryptos, Matonis took matters to the exact opposite route and declared that the centralized altcoin will fade into time as we move forward.

Matonis responded to BlockPublisher cementing his statement and solidifying his words even further.

Who do you think is going to stand tall after most of the baseless cryptocurrencies are wiped out? Obviously, the carcasses will belong to the dead centralized coins who were not efficient to mature over time.

An entrepreneur, Jimmy Song residing in Austin, Texas, discloses the harsh reality of not only the centralized altcoins but the entire altcoin community in the following way as BlockPublisher reached out to him:

Hypocrisy rises to peaks in case of altcoins and ICOs as they are the ones to let you down and disgrace you over a public platform to begin with. They shrug it off and laugh at you as you get all tensed up afterwards. They still have to make people believe they can work in their favour for once.

Harsh words have always seen the crypto doors and knocked rather hard on them but Mr. Song speaks for the public that with no value addition into the established crypto ventures, the crypto tycoons are eager to chase wealth endlessly. Public speakers often get loads of attention as it is the public and the masses who listen to everything, attentively. A thorough discussion that when the two opposite approaches, decentralization and centralization collide, cannot regard the obvious winner in the situation as Motanis did, but as everyone has the right of expression, one can weigh in on the remarks.

The blockchain technology has been quite revolutionary recently, ready to be incorporated into any framework with a fungible data storage and managing system. Blockchain technology hails the major feature of decentralization which promotes people’s power with no third greater party overseeing the ongoing transactions happening anywhere in the entire system.

As far as the trends go, people tend to go for the latest as they like to experiment with things. The technology of blockchain is the latest breakthrough which is yet to be immensely experimented upon, the reason centralization is likely to be buried by the negligent behavior towards the coins featuring it. The ever-changing school of thoughts and the recent rise in accepting the new are the likely elements that can render centralized structures extinct for good.

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