Celebrity OGs Who Are Not Only Interested In Cryptos For The Hype

2017 was the year when the crypto craze was in full swing, with Bitcoin becoming one of the most Googled word in the world and with celebrities investing heavily in cryptocurrencies and promising blockchain enterprises left, right and center.

However, among the many who invested in the tech early on, there are those distinguished celebs who have become proper crypto advocates in their own right and some even see the potential good that decentralized platforms can do for the world.

Ashton Kutcher

The first crypto fan we have lined up is popular Hollywood actor, social activist and tech investor, Ashton Kutcher. We love Kutcher’s enthusiasm for all thing blockchain, especially this gem of a tweet he published way back in 2014 for the love of Ethereum.

Not only is Kutcher vocal about the tech, he has also invested in crypto exchange, BitBay, backs crypto ventures such as Unikrn and also serves as a great role model for his some 2.5 million followers on Twitter.

Mel B

The most progressive of all the Spice girls, Meb B always brings that positvity and energy everywhere she ventures, and this is no different for the cryptoverse. She was one of the first few artists who saw the possibilities and avenues that cryptocurrencies could bring to the world and quickly adopted the digital tokens as an acceptable payment for her music way back in 2013.

Talk about being the real OG!

In a press release way back when, Scary Spice was quoted saying,

“I love how new technology makes our lives easier, and to me that’s exciting. Bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one currency.”

Lionel Messi

The winner of millions of hearts around the world for his skills on the field, global football sensation, Lionel Messi proved that blockchain is for everyone when he took on the responsibility of becoming blockchain based Sirin Lab’s ambassador. It’s no surprise that the platform chose one of the worlds best football players as their global brand ambassador as according to their website, their goal is to “bridge the gap between the blockchain economy and the mass market through multi-layered cybersecurity and a much-improved user experience.”

DJ Khaled

Music producer, rapper and Snapchat celebrity, DJ Khaled is onto another one of his wins as he definitely has an eye for talent and potential when he started endorsing blockchain enterprise Centra’s ICO to his some 8.5 million followers.


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