Can You Believe These Cryptocurrencies Exist?

The world is filled with creative minds and their crazy ideas. Being a part of the crypto-craze has its own perks, you can afford to be young, wild and innovative. It’s one of its charms. More popular among the younger generations, the crypto-world has not been starved from the imaginative powers of the youth.

Interesting cryptocurrencies have popped up in the market. You wouldn’t believe your eyes! But, the rise and popularity of this digital currency is all because of its ground-breaking blockchain technology and the fun-benefits that come along with it.

Probably why some of these wacky cryptocurrencies have emerged at a dizzying pace. To startle and be desirable!


It’s a banking solution for the global legal marijuana industry and it’s the first-ever crypto-currency to facilitate all the pot-lovers with their transactions. PotCoins can be easily sent using the internet and it has provided all the weed-enthusiasts with a cathartic space to communicate, interact and grow together.Just like a rocket, this theme is rising in the cypto-market. Let’s not pretend to act all surprised now! We all saw this coming because ever since the legalization of marijuana in countries like the United States and Canada. The world of cannabis-lovers has meant new things are in line for them! Good things! Better things!


Yes, you’ve guessed it right! We are talking about the President of Russia. Who thought about this one, huh? Apparently this cryptocurrency was created to pay tribute to the people and the president of Russia. It’s been in the crypto-world for the last 2 years. Surprising fact, it has a market cap of $2.5 million.

There is another cryptocurrency on the block with the name of a president. Any guesses? It would be a remiss to not mention it. It’s TrumpCoin. It aims to make the crypto-world great again. Of Course, it does.


If you’re a film fanatic. Did you watch Avatar back in the day? Remember all the hype about the film being a unique masterpiece of the cinematic world? We do. This crypto-coin is inspired by an elusive mineral in the film to save the energy crisis on earth. So, will this crypto-coin save the crypto-world in a crisis too?

It’ said it will be mined for the next 300 years, well maybe it’s here to save the crypto-world for real!


We’ve got a winner! We love beefy burgers, who doesn’t right? It’s a cryptocurrency which was by a fast-food chain the fast-food chain Burger King in Russia. It’s used a a part of the blockchain loyalty program.

The program will reward its customers with one WhooperCoin token for every juicy Whooper burger purchased. After 1,700 WhopperCoins collected, they can be redeemed for a burger. Whopper is not a burger anymore, its made itself into an investment tool. We’re impressed!


Who remembers one of the most viral meme in 2013? Do you remember a dog circulating the internet with disjointed dialogues?


DogeCoin was initially conceived as a joke. It’s funny and surprising how it has morphed into one of the largest altcoins and has a market cap of around $130 million. Our guess is, people just love the doge! “Such Funny. Much Impressed.”



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