Can The Games Industry Trigger Blockchain Adoption? CEO of Gaming Platform MyEtherPony Shares His View

The gaming industry is one of the biggest proponents of blockchain technology and is one of its most prominent applications. Games prove to be an effective use case of the blockchain and cryptocurrency utility and gamers, usually belong to like minded technology oriented communities which are generally fond of the space.

MyEtherPony is just the kind of platform that utilizes blockchain with its concurrent usage in gaming. It is a digital game implemented over blockchain, where users can collect and trade digital items in the form of ponies. Moreover, the marketplace is unique as it allows for ascending price auction (English auction), just like on eBay. So, essentially, it’s like eBay on the blockchain for games. This means that users who own ponies can have the potential to get a good price for their ponies if there are enough bidders – making it fun and addictive. The gaming platform adopts the game token known as DEKLA (DKL) which is a utility token in the gaming ecosystem.

CEO of MyEtherPony, Mr. Amir Irwan was speaking to BlockPublisher, where he shared his opinion that the gaming industry could trigger mainstream blockchain/cryptocurrency adoption. He said:

I think games industry can trigger this consumer massive adoption. The market size of games industry is more than USD100 billion yearly with millions of users and these users are mostly tech-savvy. It is an open secret amongst game developers that many technologies within games have been applied outside of its own industry.

Mr. Irwan went on to pursue blockchain’s utility and usability for game developers, stating that it is a challenge for the modern age game developers to take up blockchain and pioneer it towards mainstream user adoption. He continued:

Furthermore, game developers have always been looking at ways to make their games more user-friendly and intuitive to increase their own user base. It would be interesting to see how game developers take this challenge of making crypto and blockchain a mainstream technology.

Mr. Irwan, a seasoned entrepreneur in technology and IoT has now begun exploring the blockchain space and his project MyEtherPony is a testament to his interests and efforts. Being a believer of the prospects of the technology, he revealed that MyEtherPony aims to make a better user experience on their platform, which is why they are pursuing blockchain as a solution. He shared of his hope that his project would play its due part in maintaining the blockchain eco-system and helping large scale public adoption. He stated:

At MyEtherPony, we are taking this challenge seriously and we are looking at ways at making the user experience better especially to those who are not familiar with crypto/blockchain. Hopefully, we would be contributing our part in the introduction of blockchain technology and educating the masses in a simple way as possible.

MyEtherPony is set to launch on the 5th of January in the new year and further input from Mr. Irwan’s interview are to follow.

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