Can Blockchain-Supported Online Reviews Prevail Over Multi-Generational Dentists?

The traditional sources of information used to make healthcare decisions often include our historical connections and the recommendations of family and friends. We are aware of the concept of a dentist who has treated multiple generations of the same family, and so there is a longstanding relationship based on mutual trust. Alternatively, we may also be guided by the informed feedback of our family members and peers concerning the pros and cons of visiting various dentists. However, it seems that in the era of Internet these tried-and-true vetting methods are losing their positions. They are no longer applicable to all situations as well. A multi-generational family dentist is not feasible in a reality where we move to various cities and countries for education and work. We have fast-paced lives where we need readily accessible information to make our decisions.

Utilizing the Power of Blockchain to Validate Online Reviews

What tends to be our first information source? Undoubtedly, the Internet. But then we have to consider the validity of those online reviews. Are they from persons who have actually visited that particular dentist? The current solution for a reliable vetting process in how we choose our dental care provider could lie in solutions like Dentacoin – the first provider of global blockchain solutions for the dental industry. They deliver secure and efficient software support to an active network of dentists, patients and other players in the industry. The Dentacoin Trusted Review platform offers patients with verified identities the chance to post their honest and very detailed reviews on their dental treatment, which simultaneously provides dentists with timely and valuable feedback to improve their services. All user identities are verified through Civic, a secure identity platform decentralized with blockchain technology. Additionally, patients can write trusted reviews only upon invitation received by their dentist. Reviews are stored forever and not editable. This decentralized vetting process allows potential patients to make the best choice of a dentist based on knowledgeable reviews. Participation in this program generates rewards for patients and dentists in the form of Dentacoin cryptocurrency which can be used to pay for dental treatments and other services within a global network of clinics, laboratories, suppliers.

Advantages of Vetting Dentists Online

What are some of the benefits of a reliable virtual vetting process for dental care providers? Let’s consider a few:

  • Ease of access: We use the Internet every day to conduct most of our personal and business transactions. Therefore the search for a dentist is made much easier with online reviews.
  • Valid reviews: Unfortunately fake reviews are a staple on the Internet. However, when there is a trusted consumer experience platform, then you can benefit from honest patient reviews to make your choice.
  • Community building: Online communities are built around common interests, and so it can be personally beneficial to find both information and support online.
  • Informed choices: Virtual vetting gives you information from a wide cross-section of previous and current patients. This enables you to make a good decision on a dental practitioner.
  • Establish reputation: An online review process is also beneficial to dentists, as positive reviews serve to reassure prospects and generate new patients.
  • Free promotion: Dentists can enjoy free advertisement from their great ratings from these virtual reviews.
  • Valuable feedback: All feedback can be useful. Therefore even less than stellar reviews can also assist a dentist in making the necessary adjustments to yield improvements in the patient experience.

We live in a global knowledge economy where information drives every process. Online communities and customer reviews heavily influence the customer bases in most markets, including dentistry. Limiting one’s decision to one well-know family dentist seems no longer applicable to the behavioral characteristics of today’s society.

Disclaimer: this is a guest post, contributed by Dentacoin, the blockchain platform for global dental industry.

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