Can Blockchain Give You The Gamer’s Mark?

The Problem With Labels

‘Labels’, are one of those things that we all hate, but we put them on people anyway. How convenient of us. Labels are good, bad, ugly, all shapes, makes, sizes. We like some of them, for our own reasons, and hate others, for mostly very common reasons. Being a player, gamer and toy lover can all be divided and broken into several connotations and meanings. But, to be a top-notch game obsessed player is one of a kind label that most people who actually do love gaming, would feel lucky and obliged to carry around.

Let’s understand this gamer’s mark. People who play non-stop end up with a lovebite from their PC’s, it’s like a Gamer’s Hickey. It is a red mark that appears on the gamers risk for relying on the keyboard or the computer table for long stretches of time without break and varying (mostly hard and aggressive) pressures. Not every PC gamer has this mark, only those who lay their wrists flat on the edge of the table or keyboard do.

Who is a Gamer?

It is funny that Wikipedia has one of the most boring definitions of the term gamer, despite several geeky gamers around on the internet muddling up with almost any page on the Wikipedia. Here’s what it says:

A gamer is a person who plays interactive games, especially video games, tabletop role-playing games, and skill-based card games, and who plays for usually long periods of time.

Uncreative and boring. A gamer is a true lover of a multi-billion industry that has helped conceive some of the biggest technologies and science revolutions like validating the concept of internet money, the internet, and online video and text chatting.

Blockchain Gamer, Good term or bad?

The blockchain is a breakthrough tech, period. The blockchain adores enthusiasts, it is what is fueling the industry after all. Blockchain has brought us things that are bigger than Augmented reality and Virtual reality, things that change the game for all gamers of all industries, all big guns, and all the sheep followers.

How To Get The Gamer Mark?

The blockchain is doing new things, that nobody thought of, these new things mean new fun for the do-ers, new and fresh treats that add all the more colors to our futures, such as virtual cities that are real, casinos that pay in real money and look better than the sin city. If you are interested in knowing more, stay hooked!

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