Can Bitcoin Get You Out Of Debt?

Bitcoin is not money, it is not just digital money, it is more than what money can do. Hell, this should be its motto, ‘more than money’, sounds so sexy and makes you just want to dive right in and get some. Bitcoin is more than money because it gets people to save, invest, think and feel good about the statement they make.

Bitcoin is a currency that people rejected, without listening to its case. The currency that was hyped for what it could do and what it is doing only to become a buzzword that people began to hate for no reason. And yet, some open their arms to it and let in the love it deserves, it is a riot to love bitcoin and a bigger one if you do not.

Debt is the epitome of our lives here in the U.S. in 2019. Student debt, Creditcard debt, Housing debt, damn housing debt is the worst, Car debt and sometimes, Miscellaneous debt that Amazon played a big role in accumulating. Capitalistic consumption orientation and a need to have it all is what got us here, with or without agony we are still thinking of letting go of our debt while very much keeping it and not doing anything to let go off of it.

How does bitcoin help?

Money is fluid, it is easy to spend, we think it is made for spending and we spend it even when we do not have it for things that we clearly do not need in retrospect, bitcoin is different. The process innovation is what disrupts the market for money with bitcoin. You can not spend it easily, it is more valuable than money itself, its value increases with all the pride and variety and flair it adds to your personality, it is harder to let go off and easier to keep, it makes the whole spending problem a lowkey one and once you begin saving, you can reduce your debts step by step.

Sometimes it is easier to pay off the smaller debts first and this gets you in the mood for getting the rest off as well as you build momentum with your habits, sometimes its easier to pay off the biggest first so that the relief is genuinely huge and things simplify once it’s done. Perhaps, on a stable day, bitcoin can help you through it!


Khunsha Javed

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