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Business Consultancy Meets Blockchain – ODEM Partners with 10EQS

Partnership expected to reap millions of dollars for ODEM in just over a year

ODEM announced in a press release on 10th September that it will be partnering with 10EQS. Through this collaboration, the two companies aim to provide a professional business insights at a larger scale, particularly enhancing 10EQS’ ability through the power of blockchain. The collaboration is also meant to generate revenue.

When asked if the partnership will open doors for users of ODEM to learn from 10EQS experts as educators, ODEM remarked to Blockpublisher that it is definitely planning to head that way.

Maagul, CEO of ODEM also remarked:

“We’re honored that 10EQS is working with us to expand its roster of consultants and experts,”


“This partnership is testament to our platform’s ability to champion pragmatic knowledge and training to solve real-world business problems. We are empowering students with the tools they need to be employable.”

Meanwhile, ODEM is expecting to reap over millions of dollars in just 12 – 18 months owing to this collaboration, as stated by Richard Maagul, the CEO of ODEM.

Based in Switzerland, ODEM, On-Demand Education Marketplace is an online platform working to provide custom-based education to its customers. Working on the ethereum network, the company uses smart contracts to bring together students and educators and embarks them on educational courses that are customized by not only the students, but also the teachers. 10EQS, on the other hand, is based in New York, and works to provide innovative business solutions to different companies and individuals using the Global Professional Crowd to get things done efficiently. Their work is also customized – clients are treated on-demand and provided with client-specific business solutions.

According to the press release, the collaboration has been made to particularly enhance and harness 10EQS’ abilities in providing business insights and consultancies. It will enable 10EQS “to more efficiently satisfy client needs for custom teams by systematically discovering and verifying competencies of hard-to-find specialists.”

Apart from providing an online platform for education, ODEM also focuses on providing practical academic courses. With the collaboration between ODEM and 10EQS in place, the companies are also looking forward to providing employment opportunities through customized industry training.

On the partnership, 10EQS’ CEO Jeff Carbeck commented:

“We’re excited to utilize the ODEM Platform to accelerate and enhance our ability to vet and select individual experts and organize them into on-demand teams for our clients most challenging needs,”


“Working with ODEM, we will establish the first end-to-end knowledge ecosystem — from education to deployment in the market — enabled by blockchain technology.”

The complete press release can be found here.

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