Build the Metaverse – A Serious Upgrade From DonkeyKong and Sim City

Back in the 90’s, Sim City 2000 made a big hit. People were swell over its amazing graphics, they could not get enough of the rich goodness. It was better than anything video gaming or arcades ever offered them. People loved it. The screens were bigger than those of their hand-held Atari and Donkey Kongs of the past decades. This was the start of something new. It was a whole different world.

A virtual world had come up.

This was more sophisticated than the Mario Brothers game world. It was much more impressive than any other game of the time. The city had a game plot bigger and more exciting than others. You could build things. You could develop things. It was futuristic. It made you cool.

Such a nerdy tech dream back in the time.

Then came the World of Warcraft. Step by step the industry grew in terms of the public acceptance, demand and expectations. It gave people The Jetsons’ Feel. The thing of the future was here. And nothing felt any better.

As time passed games became better in terms of graphics, they could be played on larger screens, as well as smaller ones. The games refined in terms of their features, the ideas improved, they became cheaper, it became more and more fancier with support fast food and movie culture. The cult grew and the industry flourished.

Big names such as EA Sports, Activision-Blizzard, BioWare, Ubisoft emerged. Simultaneously grew the android, Ios, and mobile app market. Personal Computer games, Online gaming and Consoles gained more and more attention making their way from the cult to the pop culture.

Free play games gained popularity.

This meant that with time, games began to offer a great variety and became relaxed in terms of what a user may or may not do. They became interactive. The land unlocked, new cities, weathers and assets unlocked.

The free play improved and addons could be bought.

For example, the outfit could be bought, the dragon or a bot army or skins for your racing cars could be bought. This intensified the gaming network through profits and popularity. The assets added worth to the users experience. The amount of gold bought for Warcraft showed the world what a massive market this is.

The beginning of the future of gaming is here and it is called the blockchain. 

These are serious games for serious gamers. They are unhackable, no counterfeiting, no foul play. And, yet, fewer rules, more free play and great amount of power is extended to the user. These are open-source, decentralised games. These allow users to build their own products within the game and sell them. Imagine making your own Sim and then selling it to suit another. Or to make money through amazing interiors. Not fake game money, but very real virtual money that buys things. Your virtual world will have a piece of land that only you own. This is taking the Sim city to a whole new level. Dozens of steps ahead than online gaming.

So are you all fired up for this one? Hit or miss? Tell us, we are excited!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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