BPAC Declares Support for EOS Platform to Build Distributed Apps

BPAC, (Block Producer App Coalition), has announced that it will help in spreading EOS platform to developers after it declared its candidacy for EOS Block Producer. BPAC, which is made up of four powerhouse EOS application developers, decided to come together with the singular aim of supporting the dApps that will be developed on the EOS blockchain.

The BPAC team is made of four names that are popularly known in the blockchain sphere and they include; BLOCKv, Workcoin, SpringRole, and White Rabbit. All four platforms run decentralized platforms for one service or the other in the cryptocurrency world.

Kurt Braget, who is the AppStore lead, while commenting on this latest development stated that;

Today, several major companies, banks and governments looking to build enterprise level applications on the blockchain, and leverage the smart-contract technology. Although, we have been witnessing the Ethereum network being hammered with traffic in several instances making it clear that the network can handle a pretty small volume. Thereby, it is high-time to switch to an advanced version EOS. Our collaboration is an attempt to ease this transition from (Ethereum to EOS) for the businesses.

BPAC is looking to make itself the App Store for EOS and in the process support the dApps that will be launched on the EOS network. The team added that they will continue to contribute to the EOS community by giving a percentage of their EOS profits from BP for the creation and promotion of dApps on the BPAC dApp Store. They further added that they would also showcase and recognize the developers of the dApp tools in the EOS network.

Kartik Mandaville, CEO, SpringRole and technical Lead, while explaining this said that;

BPAC is committed to helping developers with the long waiting transition from Ethereum to EOS through educational tools and dApp ecosystem support. The high transactions costs and scalability issues have slowed down development on Ethereum and created a key need for the developer community to make the switch. BPAC is preparing to be the central pillar of support in this transition and the development of the platform is very urgent.

BPAC is created with the aim of building a healthy decentralized app ecosystem and network that will ensure the success of EOS. BPAC will make it possible for public and private blockchains to communicate asynchronously while also providing the bandwidth to fix bugs on the network.

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