Bottomless Vortex of Ideas Vs. The Clean Eating Of Tech

Are you a victim of the bottomless vortex of ideas? Let’s find out.

Do you love to scroll your timeline, until your bones give up. Do you ever try to find out what the end of Facebook news feed must look like and why haven’t you seen it yet? When Netflix asks are you still watching, do you say yes, while your body keeps on telling you no?

You my friend, are not alone. Dystopic planning is everywhere. We can sit all day, be really uneasy but still may feel as if we had a super productive day. Sucks right? Do you relentlessly cringe at yourself after hours of phone usage? Yeah, we used to as well.

All people wanna do is matter. How will you add value to the person you have been for the x amount of years. By doing what’s never been done before. We are sick of the ordinary. We want something special. Something exclusive, something brand new. Quit the infinite scrolling, that feed will never end. The next episode is not important it will not change the fate of the character. The next video will make you feel even more self destructive and meaningless so stop. Take control because that is the first thing that matters.

Then empower yourself with the food of the future. The tech marmalade you want on your sad-bewitched life. This is the extra glow you need on top of your everyday crammy routine. That glaze that makes your doughnut the best doughnut of the town. The extra oomph because your eye for unique and exciting thing actually works.

Use your goodness sniffing tech love. You are an enthusiast why not manipulate and rearrange your likes and wants in a way to feed your big giant binge watching appetite. Why not empower those hands to do something that creates value. How long until we consume what is told to us.

And, if by the end of the day, you really really wanna relapse then, Blockchain tech for example, lets you demand and really create the content you want to feed yourself. Why settle for any less than what you exactly crave.

The addiction is not as bad as it looks and sometimes feed. Yes we know we have been there. Spending three straight hours on Twitter, feeling bad about ourselves. Or, going to Twitter all happy and return back to be all gloomy. Or, the one that happens the most, spend hours comparing photos to post to your social media. You need to cleanse baby. Not only do you love consuming that crap, but also that you are become an extended limb of it. Still feel on the outside? Wow, you need a grip.

Cut that poison out! Give healthy, productive things a chance. Crypto is the clean eating of tech!

So, come let’s rework that body, mind and soul to start afresh.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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