Bored? Why Not Indulge In This Entertaining Crypto Logo Trivia Game?

Cryptocurrency has become all the rage these days, with it’s popularity seeping into pop culture and not only giving us cool new ways to talk about the world but also super popular games such as Cryptokitties that took the world by storm!

Now, there’s a new game on the crypto horizon and it might just help give a rise to other crypto inspired game developers. Because let’s face it, we may all know what Ethereum or Bitcoin logos look like but how many of us can successfully distinguish Groestlcoin from the Khyber Network?

The answer is, probably none of us because it is deceptively hard! If your’e a crypto enthusiast with little to do over the holidays or want to conquer the game out of sheer boredom this Summer, the Crypto Guessing Game might just be the place for you!

Source; Crypto Guessing Game

The game’s premise is simple; you get an unidentified logo and four deceivingly similar options out of a possible 150 cryptos. Simple select the correct one and move forward. Fail to do so and you go back to zero and start again! We speak from experience when we say, it isn’t as easy as it seems!


The game closely mirrors other trivia giants such as The Quiz: Logo Game which is became famous for it’s incorporation of popular fast food chains and giant MNC logos and has a whopping 10 million downloads on android. But the website states that it takes it’s inspiration from Sami Heikki’s Javascript guessing game.

The site even gives the user a little insight into the correct answer!

Source; Crypto Guessing Game

The creator of the Crypto  Guessing Game is a reddit user that goes by the name of u/OogieFrenchieBoogie or his actual name which is Maxence Cornet. The site initially included logos from a choice of the top 197 coins but now features 150.

Cornet has claimed that he intends to develop the game based on different difficulty levels as well. With categories such as Easy (top 50 coins), Medium (tp 100 coins and last but definitely not least, Hard (top 100 coins.)

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