Blockstack Introduces Its Advisory Board For Token Fund

Digital rights and identity ownership firm Blockstack has introduced an advisory board team for the Blockstack Token Fund. The board, consisting of a variety of blockchain affiliates from a diverse set of backgrounds, plans to unlock future potential of growth in the blockstack technology and community and their wide range of experience testaments itself.

The advisory board is made up of seven members, with no overlap in roles with Blockstack PBC executives or its board. Four of them are fully independent of Stacks tokens and Blockstack PBC, while three members are stack holders who have invested in Blockstack Token Funds. CEO Blockstack PBC, Muneeb Ali welcomed the advisory board via a Twitter post that said:

A warm welcome to the Advisory Board of the Blockstack Token Fund. We’re honored to have Arvind (Princeton), Catherine (MIT), Arianna (Autonomous), Zavain (Lux), and others on the advisory board.

Apart from the members mentioned by Muneeb, the advisory board consists of Arianna Simpson, former Managing Director at Autonomous Partners and of BitGo prior to that. She also took to Twitter to share her delight on becoming a part of the Blockstack setup. She said:

Thrilled to be joining the Advisory Board for the Blockstack Token Fund. @muneeb and @ryaneshea have built some incredible tech & community over the past several years and I am excited to help further Blockstack’s work!

The team is completed by Chair of MIT Sloan PhD Program, Catherine Tucker, Managing Director of HMC Charlie Saravia, Koen Lagnendoen and Foundation Capital Partner Rodolfo Gonzalez.

The board is scheduled to meet and decide on the success of first milestone after the launch of Stacks blockchain on October 30th. The first milestone is spelled by Blockstack to be based on successful development of its network and the second is based on user adoption. The role of the advisory board is to evaluate Blockstack PBC’s progress with regards to these milestones. It will also be in-charge of the final decision if the project successfully meets both milestones.

Blockstack welcomed its new inductions as:

We’re honored to have these experts join the Advisory Board and look forward to working with them in the coming years!

The full statement published by Muneeb Ali can be found here.

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