“Blocksquare is a Global Project With a Local Solution”, CEO & Co-Founder Blocksquare

The prospects that blockchain technology puts forward are plenty. Decentralization can truly prove to be revolutionary in frameworks where centralization and lack of transparency are serious issues. Blocksquare is a project that aims to employ this technology to revolutionize the way how the real estate arena operates across the globe.

Recently, BlockPublisher got in touch with Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Blocksquare, Denis Petrovcic. Talking about the project being local or global, Denis stated:

Blocksquare is a global project. Our technology can be implemented in any jurisdiction. Because we’re aware real estate is a local business, our scaling goes through local real estate professionals and their ability to put our solutions to work. We are focusing all our resources now to push forward as many pilot projects as the one we successfully conducted in Slovenia, where a single garage parking space was tokenized using our solution. The real world application is resonating very well and we are confident we can deliver more successfully tokenized properties in the near future becoming the main real estate tokenization provider on the market.

The prospects offered by tokenization are indeed revolutionary, and Blocksquare wants to make sure that it is the leading force behind tokenization in the real estate arena. Besides the financial industry, there are a lot of different sectors that can be revamped using blockchain, and this platform presents forward one of such use-cases.

Further talking about the utilities offered by the platform’s token, Denis stated:

BST gives you excess to our systems. Not only it is the main cryptocurrency pair on the PropTokenDEX marketplace, but it is also the main currency for distribution of rental proceeds. Besides, holding BST increases an investor’s stake when they choose to invest in an initial offering of a new tokenized property. We call this feature First Buyer Power. In time as our tokenization system gains adoption and more traction, we will be adding BST more and more utility features to promote BST.

As we move forward with the crypto market getting more and more saturated with different crypto projects providing the same services, only those are most likely to survive which present forward strong use-cases of the nascent blockchain technology with much efficiency. The use-case presented forward by Blocksqaure is a valid one, it will be interesting to see how things pan out for this project.

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