Blockfolio Launches New Slack Integration Tool Via Signal Platform

Blockfolio, is according to it’s website, the world’s foremost and “popular Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.” The firm has now launched a new integration for popular messaging app Slack via their Blockfolio Signal communications platform that’s main goal is to connect crypto-firms and their team with each other and their communities.

Source; Blockfolio Website

This unique platform is a great way to stay in the loop about your favourite tokens and learn more via community leaders, conveniently integrated within your Slack messenger.

According to the Blockfolio website, “Over 5 million people trust Blockfolio for managing their cryptocurrency portfolios and getting the latest prices, news, and team updates.”

Blockfolio can not only be used by team leaders to connect, gauge and inform their communities but also is an excellent tool for crypto investors to increase their reach and monitor their portfolios with the aid of an easy to use mobile application.

Since its inception, the app has grown to include a number of different features to keep holders informed. One of those features is Blockfolio Signal, a platform built into Blockfolio that enables senior-level team members of a cryptocurrency project to communicate with their communities.

In an interview with CryptoSlate, Blockfolio CEO Edward Moncada gave the following remarks about the platform;

“Blockfolio Signal is a broadcasting platform we’ve built from the ground up specifically for the unique communication and community building needs blockchain projects in our ecosystem face. Team leaders can now safely broadcast direct to their communities without exposing their followers to fake giveaways or scams.”

According to the website, 300 plus teams are currently registered on the platform including Bitcoin Gold, Nano, Monero, Ethereum Classic, TRON, ICON, Dash, among many others. With big names like these on board, the platform currently has more mobile users than all other crypto trackers on Google Play combined.

Talking about the clarity in communication and it’s reach, Loi Luu, who is the CEO Co-Founder at Kyber Network says, 

“Blockfolio Signal offers a great venue than other channels for projects to communicate with token holders for two reasons. First, projects will know that they are reaching out to people who have actual interest in getting update from them based on the fact that users follow the token on Blockfolio. Second, users tend to read the Signal message more as its concise and not mixed up with many other messages like on Telegram or emails.”


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