Blockchain to Eliminate Lies?

Yes, the promises of technology are nothing short of a lie, so many times. So many times, absurd and extreme promises are made, that never make it to the real world and only exist on papers and in news. The thing about great ideas is that they leave an inflated image in the imagination realms of our brains. Leaving a lot to imagination often means disappointment and disdain.

But, logic is always here to save the day of the wise ones who care enough to be treated with truth and take no cr*p. So, here is a logical trail of ideas that lead to the craziest conclusions about the possibilities of the technology. No lies here. Count on us.

In simple terms blockchain means that lies could be eliminated from life. It is a system that you can add data to but, not change what has previously been added to it. The data added to the network has to be backed by truth only. All that is true can be backed up by tons of mathematical work, this is so extensive that to forge or to mess up with it will require energy and output that may render the time and effort inserted as unworthy of it. This means that nobody in their right mind will find it desirable or profitable to go through such lengths and to defraud the spick and span system of blockchain.

The tightly knit fabric is what makes it a legendary solution for contemporary problems such as identity theft, rights violations, legal loopholes and business problems such as trust on a seller selling shady cheap goods in China.

It has changed the meaning of online trust. Sites offer a lot of solutions such as Escrow, PayPal, AliPay and what not to secure the customers. But, all of that is to be rendered obsolete in the world of Blockchain powered tech. This means we can buy peer-to-peer, without the need of some branded website to make a big chunk of profit off-off the deal for their guarantee. No middle men, no plunder.

It creates trust – which is a rare luxury in International trade on all levels, even the kind that lies between you and your online sock seller. It does so by creating a relationship based on mathematics, between scattered parties that do not need to trust, know or value each other. They only trust the mechanism to hold its grace for them. The mechanism automatically fulfills transactions, with neither party trying to troll it.

Blockchain based apps are disrupting lives in all domains. There are apps that help in establishing sexual consent, other apps are looking into ways to help retail and fashion to liberate from replicas and selling fake cheap grade makeup at the price of the originals. These apps function on the premise that people need to be able to trust and the illegal goods market needs to be countered. This is a real contemporary trade problem and major economies have failed to solve them. Turns out the tech needed is now here. This is defining a new discipline of kinds. The trust is to spread into buying fuel, car washes and grocery items without human interaction, automatically. Blockchain has made it possible, and eventually easier.

Blockchain is not like that 1920’s Tulip bubble. It will not make people rich overnight. It can not end world poverty in a year or two. It is a series of long shot changes away from doing that. It needs several reinforcements before the world and the tech is ready for these great things. Until then, let’s just count on it to eliminate lies for us all, wherever applied.

Khunsha Javed

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