Blockchain this Week, From Social Media to Blockchain Association

Social Media can do Better

Jonha Richman is an adviser to the Polybird Exchange and Blockchain Firms. She expressed her concerns over the role of social media for the crypto space. She suggested that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter should be more active in their participation for the regulation of the community.  She agreed to the fact that, at the moment, social media is not contributing to the crypto space and further added that social media could find gains for itself if it contributed to the crypto space. Jonha thinks that social media can earn the trust of people while regulating the quality of the space.

Startups should Carefully Decide About the Technology

The blockchain strategist and founder of Cuberoot64, Anthony Parker identified a problem common among the startups. Anthony stated that startups were not opting for the right technology for their projects which resulted in unnecessary saturation of the space. He further explained that as startups would be igniting the trend of mass adoption for blockchain technology, they should invest more time while deciding if the use cases needed blockchain. The CSO of Storj and the founder of Karmaship also had similar views. They also valued the consideration of use cases before determining the technology that will be adopted in the future.

Mexico Launches its First Blockchain Association

Mexico has launched its very first blockchain institution with the assistance of the leading companies of the country. The joint effort, Blockchain Association Mexico is opened to cater the prerequisites of the era when blockchain is popular and very common throughout the country.  Blockchain Association Mexico will be setting standards and rules to make sure that blockchain technology is efficiently used to its potential. The association also aims to prevent bad practices of blockchain technology like money laundering etc. With the formation of the association, members are now capable to participate in making the policies and having a say in them. Blockchain Association Mexico is welcoming more members to join the association and share their ideas.



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