Blockchain Technology Can Save Facebook for Good

Facebook have been the center of controversy for the past couple of years owing to all the allegations of data leakage and fake news that have been percolating in the media since the presidential elections of the United States 2016. One way through which Facebook can completely win the game of security and authenticity is the incorporation of blockchain technology in its framework.

The election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States took the entire globe by shock back in 2016. As the world was expecting a different outcome, the arrival of Trump as the president of the United States raised several questions regarding the transparency of the elections. Different speculations regarding the breach of the integrity in the elections began to percolate in the media frequently. While Russia was being targeted as a major factor behind manipulating the elections, another big name came under the truck for possible intervention in the elections, Facebook.

As the news of usage of the Facebook user profiles for analysis by Cambridge Analytical broke out, it was exposed that the platform was used to bombard the users by immense number of fake news articles, in order to spread wrong information, and mold the brains of people in a certain direction. It was stated in an official statement from Facebook that the people’s information was deceptively stolen from the platform and the entire team behind Facebook was extremely out-raged. It was stated that:

Mark [CEO of Facebook], Sheryl [COO of Facebook] and their teams are working around the clock to get all the facts and take the appropriate action moving forward, because they understand the seriousness of this issue. The entire company is outraged we were deceived. We are committed to vigorously enforcing our policies to protect people’s information and will take whatever steps are required to see that this happens.

Quite recently, it was that Facebook broke the chains of data stealing as it has revamped its framework to protect users’ data, but still, there lies a way in blockchain technology that can completely save the day for Facebook. The possibilities that blockchain provides are endless, and the advantages that Facebook can gain from this are innumerable.

Blockchain offers a transparent network that easily be made secure at a global level. Regarding the issue of identity verification, blockchain can provide assurance that the identity of the user is not being stolen and used by any other fake account on the network. This can resolve the always questioned issue of fake accounts being active and spreading fake news on the network.

As per the concern low quality content on Facebook, it can easily be resolved by employing the usage of blockchain technology. Using the new framework, Facebook can easily track and purge those creators that are frequently reported by the users of Facebook. The organization can also add the service of quality content creators to earn money using the benefits of blockchain technology. We have the example of Steem, a blockchain-based social media network employing the same incentive framework at its core for its content creators.

Facebook can also utilize the usage of blockchain framework to track down the use of malicious posts by the users of this platform. Previously, we have seen RedPen utilize the same framework in order to track down the reputation of journalists across the readers. It is also being employed to convey information regarding the inclinations of the journalists that might be necessary for the reader. The entire framework of RedPen deploys blockchain technology at its core to track journalist’s bias and reputation and provides it to the community. Using the same framework, Facebook can easily detect the source of false news generators and take appropriate actions in return.

Another usage that Facebook can find regarding blockchain is to track down bias present in publications spread across the platform. Since blockchain technology has the power of collecting informations and general opinions without revealing the identity of any individual, it can easily be deployed at the core of Facebook to find biases in articles posted on the platform. Those publications that are the cause of serious disrupt among the general public can easily be brought down by the organization keeping the entire ecosystem neutral and user-friendly as a whole.

the possibilities provided by the blockchain technology are unlimited. In the recent past, we have seen the incorporation of this technology across various big organizations in the world, including the likes of Hitachi, Singapore Airline, Korean Telecom, Careem etc. The need of blockchain in industries is seemingly becoming inevitable progressing into the future, owing to the transparency and anonymity it provides. Regarding the opportunities that the blockchain technology provides, Seo Young-il, Vice President of Korean Telecom stated that:

Blockchain will be among the central technologies for digitalization in the “fourth industrial revolution.

All in all, the allegations and loopholes beneath which Facebook is buried can be made to go away by the employment of the blockchain technology using specialized frameworks and protocols.

Fake news, low quality content production, illegal use of someone else’s identity and the promotion of provoking posts or articles can easily be filtered out by the use of blockchain framework by Facebook. Besides these, a number of new possibilities for the users of the platform can be provided, such as giving benefits to the content creators of the platform based on the traffic and reviews, to make Facebook the ultimate social media giant it wishes to become. If used smartly, blockchain can easily save Facebook for good.

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