Blockchain Related Skills Topped on Freelance Platforms

If you’re currently looking for ways to find relevant jobs that wreak timelessness due to their global and impartial demand, blockchain is your first and only stop. Just recently, Upwork, a leading freelance job website, released the top 20 fastest growing skills on for Q2 of 2018, with blockchain maintaining the top spot after it was on top for the first quarter of 2018 as well. After beating nearly 5000 more jobs on a freelance platform such as Upwork, it is almost hard to neglect the importance blockchain has in business and tech. Simply, every company and/or business today is in constant search for skilled labor to digitize their platform and take it to the next level, to keep up with rapid technological advancements or in other words, to present groundbreaking applications and services.

Statistically, the demand for blockchain developers has quadruple-ed as of 2017. According to a news report:

Investor interest in blockchain was not limited to one jurisdiction. Good sized funding rounds were seen during the first half of the year, including $100 million+ rounds to R3 and Circle Internet Finance in the US and $77 million to Ledger in France. The US was particularly active on the blockchain front, with total investment in the first half of the year already exceeding the total seen in 2017.

A handpick of blockchain related skills are worth mentioning.


To break it down, Ethereum is a platform entitled to provide decentralized applications using blockchain technology. The part of the protocol that actually handles internal state and computation is referred to as the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The gist of the task a blockchain developer residing on Ethereum would need to do is to design and write smart contracts on EVM by implementation of a language called Solidity (similar to JavaScript) and Go, rather new to the world of programming. Programmers having a good background check on computer sciences cores such as Multiple inheritance and complex member variables such as hierarchical mapping, need only internalize core concepts and start working. You can check Ethereum’s bounty program where developers have to catch bugs and security discrepancies and get paid in Ethereum tokens.


Hear ye, programmers! If you thought your skills were outdated or couldn’t fit the standard when it comes to blockchain, bitcoin is here to put the icing on the cake. C++ is the essential programming language used for bitcoin development and since C++ is one of the worlds most common programming language, you’re probably quite close to learning it, if you haven’t already. Moreover, Bitcoin Core is it’s main security software, keeping billions of dollars worth of assets in check and secured by managing requests in code.


Cryptography is the method of hiding and cracking, otherwise known as encrypting and decrypting information through complex computations. Blockchain technology utilizes cryptography as a means of protecting user identities, ensuring transactions are done correctly and ensuring all information and storage addresses are secured. Therefore, anyone on blockchain can have complete confidence that once something is recorded on a blockchain, it is done so legitimately and in a manner that preserves security.

White Paper Writing

Blockchain is not entirely technical. It requires clear insight and impressive observational skills. If this rings a door bell, you will surely want to stick around. If you’re familiar with the concept of an ICO, you probably know what is in store. Every successful startup eventually came up with a good White Paper. Think of it as a proposal explaining a problem, finding ways to tackle the problem, involving a certain level of user interaction and probably whatever a company would propose for a phone application if asked.

The list, of course does not end here. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t end at all. Without a doubt, the need for blockchain related skills, especially blockchain development, is way past the availability of skilled labor. Despite the ups and downs blockchain and crypto trading ensues, companies nowadays are incorporating the use of blockchain to implement decentralization and liquidity, mostly for their own progression. And it’s happening fast! Truly, if you’re slightly adept at programming or interested in it, among other aforementioned skills, now is the time to contribute to global evolution!

Noefal Ahmed

Software developer, graphics artist and crypto enthusiast. Noefal is a performing artist and covers blockchain startups for BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.startups@blockpublisher.com

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