Add Blockchain To Your Work Life and Watch It Do Wonders

As I type away from the comfort of my home, I realize how utterly grateful I am to freelancing. Hence, naturally, I wanted to know if the technology I keep raving about is doing anything to make things better for people like me or how they could benefit us.

As more and more people escape the 9-5 cycle, they go onto working as a freelancer as the desire for flexible working hours is tempting. You have the freedom to work with preferable partners and be more flexible in making decisions in when it comes to what career direction you want to take.

More so, due to the economic recession, people weren’t satisfied with the traditional ways of working. They wanted something that went with the present time; they started looking for alternatives.

The greatest blessings one can be bestowed with – no, we’re not talking about children – high-speed internet and a good computing device; has motivated people to matters into their own hand.

Moreover, the gig economy has given people a new model to work with and freelancing, of which, is a product. From Uber drivers to creative professionals, the independent lifestyle is hip.

Although people worry that freelancing offers less protection as compared to a traditional job at established companies. But most issues are related to the technical side of this model. Limitations like contractual trust in a digital environment, obtaining technological resources and limited markets are the main cause of hinderance in a freelancers’ success.

Blockchain Solutions

There is nothing our pal here can’t fix. Something is wrong? Add blockchain to the mix and you will definitely have the solution. Blockchain has already demonstrated its competency in major industries and there’s nothing our buddy won’t be able to fix when it comes to freelancing as well.

Here are the three ways blockchain can deliver to the freelancing community.


There’s nothing more important than this. I have freelanced before and you are always in doubt to whether you’d receive your payment or not. Since it’s all digital, there’s no personal contact with one another.

Actually, it’s not just you who frets about payment but job posters also, who worry about the quality of the content.

Blockchains smart contracts are the perfect remedy for this. Using smart contracts freelancers can set predetermined benchmarks for the project and those points can be assigned a payment. So for example, if one goal on your project ends up completing, you receive your payment for that goal. This way both the worry of being paid or not and the job posters worry of quality control is removed.

Enhanced Technological Capability

There are some drawbacks of choosing an independent career. For example, when you plan to freelance, you might not have the resources that are afforded by a traditional office. So you might not opt for it as you don’t have the things you wanna work with and getting them is out of your budget.

Blockchain helps you out by providing some of these capabilities through its decentralized network. For instance, Leonardo Render is a blockchain-based rendering device that offers high-speed rendering services for things like graphic design and video production.

Using blockchain, freelancers can make use of resources from a large company but on a budget of an independent worker.


The freelance community is HUGE. It’s a crowded environment and finding what fits you can be a tiring process. Currently, there are platforms that help you out with it but they are not using the blockchain technology.

Right now, the contracts with job posters, handling payment and the work history of the worker is all being taken care for by the middleman. But all this can easily be achieved by eliminating the middleman as well.

In a way, freelancing might seem less secure of a structure than a traditional job. But fortunately, as more people are leaning towards it, a deluge of services are emerging that connect freelancers with job posters.

In addition, there are now blockchains to resolve conflict, like JUR; a blockchain based platform for conflict resolution and escrow deposits. This can bring back a level of confidence and equity that beats traditional work setting.

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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