Blockchain Is Toppling The Med And Healthcare Industry

Blockchain has been changing all industries. Nothing seems like a long shot anymore, all the loopholes and empty spaces that the internet left is now being filled with blockchain, the idea is that any industry can be limitless and lawful at the same time. Blockchain is making it happen.
The goodness is now extending to healthcare and medicine too. The innovation, research and development, subsidies, charity and aid that goes into it, is unbeatable. Pharmaceuticals are some of the biggest industries and industrial giants in the world dominating other businesses worldwide, Pfizer and P&G are two names that have established themselves as the big business they are today based on their efforts in the health related ventures and brand identity.
The fastest growing and absolutely disruptive industry of blockchain is changing it all for the research, development and possibilities of the healthcare and med industry. And some of the blockchain startups are doing better hands on work than rest, here are a few:
BlockMedX is an e-prescribing and predictive analytics platform built on the Ethereum blockchain to combat prescription drug fraud and abuse. The platform manages for identity and security through an app for doctors and pharmacists to prescribe, fill, and manage prescriptions.
Medicalchain uses blockchain technology to store health records, maintaining a ‘single version of the truth’ across doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacist and health insurers. In June 2018, it announced it is working with American medical centre Mayo Clinic to explore how blockchain and other types of distributed ledger technology can benefit the medical sector, specifically record storage.
Dentacoin takes pride in calling itself as ‘the blockchain solution for the global dental industry’. Its aim is to streamline dental care by establishing ‘smart contracts’ between patients and dentists. It hopes to do this by replacing the existing model where insurance companies get high premiums with one where patients pay a small contribution directly to dentists.
Dominode is one of the more mature blockchain startups I came across; it does regulated identity management in industries like gambling, healthcare, and aviation. Based on a licensed Ethereum blockchain, the Dominode app gives you a digital passport to securely share digital identity on multiple devices. The company is also working with a global Big Data provider of legal, government, and business solutions on credentialed issuing and projects like a blockchain-based way to change doctors’ addresses in medical directories.
Like any industry, healthcare needs changes, it is far far away from a perfect one, to change what is going on, will take a lot more time, energy, attention and resource. But, blockchain is helping one business at a time, in making the capitalist world a little more comfortable and a lot more sustainable.

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