Blockchain Is The Communist Dream!

Karl Marx, known as the father of Marxism, wrote the Communist Manifesto and shared his perceptions about how the economy and world functions. For him capitalism is flawed as hell and with time the world will move towards communism. Where all will be fair and everyone will receive justified rewards for the labor they put in. Even though he did make this prediction. What he didn’t tell us? How the hell it will happen!

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Marx with all his heart believed that the power will be decentralized and will be distributed between everyone. The decentralization of power will be the end of bureaucracy.

Crypto Steps In

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At this point you might be wondering what does the crypto technology have to do with all this? Well, when we mentioned decentralization. You should’ve known its all interconnected. The blockchain technology is a public ledger on which all transactions are recorded. It’s completely transparent which makes it extremely trustworthy. It’s also not controlled by a single authority. Hence, its the communist dream come true!

All over the world people are rooting for cryptocurrency to bring the change everyone has been waiting for as capitalism takes its toll on people. The rich keeps getting richer and poor keeps getting poor. The divide between the rich and poor keeps increasing, with no way to stop it. The power cryptocurrency holds is tremendous, it has the ability to change the entire political and economic structure.

The Ultimate Communist Dream

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There are many who have their faith in Bitcoin. Since, the whole system is built on decentralization because of which the power is removed from the hands of a few “chosen” people. While for some its the ultimate way to free themselves from the shackles of wage slaves.

The communism ideology is all about how every worker should get rewarded for the labor they put in. Bitcoin fulfills this ideology because there is not a single central regulatory authority involved in cryptocurrencies and the entire system is person to person. Miners mine blocks and get rewarded for the blocks they mine. Hence, making the digital currency world communist in nature. Other communists are also of the point of view that because the cryptos are decentralized and untraceable they are capable of bringing a financial revolution.

Capitalist Nightmare

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But, then there are people who hold an entirely different opinion. They believe that  miners make use of the former capital to mine new cryptos. This is why crypto is capitalist in nature. All the communist want a moneyless and stateless society. While digital currency might be replacing fiat currency. It’s still money! Crypto being a currency has the power to generate wealth and that has nothing to do with communism.


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It doesn’t really matter what everyone has in their mind or what opinion they hold. The one and only thing we are sure of is how there are many who agree that crypto has the potential to disrupt the economic situation drastically. Crypto isn’t a bubble and it will not burst. It’s here to stay for good! What do you think?

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