Blockchain Is Saving The Film Business

Blockchain is changing industries and if you think you are not affected by any of think again. Where would you stand if the internet did not affect you, no where. Back in the day the internet sounded as absurd as virtual reality does to some today. Times have changed, well, they always do.

This time the industry under a microscope is those that we all love, hate, loathe, admire, envy and obsess over. It is the film, television and web content industry. While you may not remember what was the last time that you turned your TV on for watching something on a channel, and in most countries people do not anymore, and internet is the king, there are places that the idea of longer movies and series has been completely overwritten by the small snippets of shows like KUWTK and The Daily Show on our Instagram TL’s.

While we are all a long shot away from the complete abandoning of film and TV here are some startups that are actively working to change the way things are done their, just so they can keep up this industry by ensuring high standards, quality of content and demand sufficiency. Some startups are also targeted at making the industry more profit friendly and lucrative so the idea of film-making does not go out of profit and therefore existence in our capitalist world.

Vevue, Being An Absolute Doll

For example, Vevue is a peer-to-peer incentivized video network built on the latest Qtum blockchain. This is a decentralised network where users can earn tokens by uploading videos and answering nearby requests to create specific multimedia content. This helps satisfy the growing digital industry needs in a neat and chic manner.

Vevue did an ICO, it has a working web portal and a mobile app with a token request system, it also has a live map of nearby users. The startup is also holding the first ever blockchain-based film release this summer, premiering the indie comedy No Postage Necessary on the Vevue platform. This release and the ideology says a lot about its dedication to the subject of block-tech and film-making.

Cinematix, The Hottest Enabler In Town

Cinematix.io is a blockchain platform that lets filmmakers run initial coin offerings (ICOs) to crowdfund their films. Cinematix uses its own tokens called CINX to carry out the crypto crowdfunding campaigns and pay out after the film has been produced. The startup is a genius and this means that the missing link for independent film makers now can be created. The creativity that this one generates is exponential. Thus, we are completely awed by this one!

Filmchain, Changing The Flow of Film Revenues

FilmChain, is a blockchain project that is still under construction. The aim is to provide a platform for film makers that involves automatically collecting the revenue earned by films and dividing it between the participants or the makers of it. This is a genius plan because the way that big Hollywood producers and production houses function is way too capitalistic for our taste. This ideas will help decentralize the industry by increasing both transparency and efficiency.  They say that ‘we let revenues flow straight into your pocket’. Oh what a sweet effort!

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