Blockchain is Ready and Set to Go for 2019!

2019 is just around the corner. But, blockchain has faced extreme scrutiny by the regulators and the post-bubble market crescendos hasn’t worked in its favor.

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Be that as it may, all these messed up conditions would work in the blockchains favor. 2019 will be all about more clarity and a much solid market footing. Gotta look at the brighter side of things, man! There is a reason why several new interesting projects and renowned companies have dropped hints here and there about great things that are to come. Winter is coming and it won’t be all bad after all huh?

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Big companies have been desperately looking into the blockchain technology for solutions to integrate them into their existing operations. Some of the blockchain ventures are a much safer bet than other projects because they are associated with accomplished and successful companies.

So, we bring you two of the most fascinating blockchain solutions that are backed up by IBM and Coinbase. These blockchain ventures are ready to enter 2019 with a bang!


We can’t think of a single industry which hasn’t been positively affected by the blockchain technology. Environment and sustainability is also one of them. If you didn’t know, Verdium is an environmental blockchain company. It’s doing the green deeds! It’s producing sustainability solutions for 500 companies and in collaboration with IBM.

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It a relief to know there are companies who are working for the environment. Considering how global warming is real and we don’t take precautionary measures now. The consequences will be disastrous! So, what has this company done so far? With a set of exclusive protocols developed by EcoSmart Labs. Verdium has come up with a tokenized carbon offset solution.

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The idea is to bring new liquidity to the environmental trading markets and to create a much simplified carbon account for the enterprise users. The protocols created also counterbalance the carbon emissions associated with the token, thereby easing the growing concern of the people over the carbon emissions related to the blockchain industry.


Crypto is still the leading blockchain idea and has gained mass adoption in retail users. While the crypto-assets mature it has become super necessary to use more complex tools. Caspian is an advanced crypto risk and trade management interface. It’s just like a universal remote commanding numerous exchanges, assets and trades in a portfolio.

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Caspian has created a tool for all the enthusiastic crypto-investors. So, what is this tool? Hmm. Nothing too complicated actually. But, it rather something very efficient and saves a lot of time! If you’re wondering what it is, we’ll end the suspense for you. It’s a dashboard! The dashboard allows a person to build and be in control of their own funds, including re-balancing tools, connectivity to all the major exchanges, asset collection and order execution management. Kinda awesome. We can drink to that!

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Caspian’s crypto-fund management suite is already being used, and it has partnered with none other than Coinbase deliver their efficient as hell solution to the masses. We’re actually kinda excited about this one Let’s see how it works out in 2019.

What are your predictions for 2019? Do you think 2019 is going to be the big break for the blockchain-world?

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