Blockchain Is Disrupting Sex, Here’s Why It Is Important

Crypto claims are sometimes cute, sometimes too radical and sometimes highly unbelievable. One of them is a completely outrageous one – Sex Disruption. Meaning that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency will change what we feel about sex. Also, how we look at it. No, we are not taking you into a dystopic-fantasy series from Netflix. The conclusion is not half surprisingly impossible.

Get the services you want, legal and safely

Blockchain had helped in the legitimization of several things ridden with tabboo and disdain. Including guns and drugs. Next up is Sex. The industry has been a target of oppressive legal regimes, social shaming and unnecessary moralizing. What it really needed was liberation and then regulation based on the problems that then arised. Nobody understood the sex-work industry, especially not under a sympathetic microscope. Blockchain has. Brownie points for the up and rising tech?

Traditionally, the process of acquiring paid sexual services is a demonized activity from start to end. Accepting that one may be looking for instant gratification, without having to do something to build an attraction or connection, is a tough decision to come to. Then locating these services can be frustrating. Once found, ensuring its all clean and safe is a major turn off and just an extra step that people need to take because governing bodies do not do their jobs in regulating this industry. Mostly, because they feel ashamed, worry about the attention of radical thinkers and attract unwanted press that may put the lawmakers in the public eye. However, feminism has changed a lot of that. Recent heat over sex workers getting rightful access to healthcare and public protection is improving the status quo.

But, this is not enough. The industry is hidden, covered up and illegal in most countries. The illegality adds to the problems, makes it even more prone to crime, assault and life risks.

The issue is synonymous to the drugs industry. The absence of a government means an absence of regulation, control and monitoring. No checks and balances or laws govern the industry, dealers can end up hurting the customers with faulty and fake drugs. The industry can not research or invest into antidotes and health control. The users can not seek therapy freely as it comes with shame and labels attached.

Blockchain has freed all of such unregulated and criminalized markets. Choosing to work for the sex industry and choosing to utilize their services is NOT a matter of morality. It is a choice. As long as individuals choose’ consent’ and want’ to make this choice, they should be allowed to.

Blockchain based critical sex toy review publisher is also being worked on. Currently, there are more than 366 blockchain based sex apps and portals underdevelopment.

Dating on the Blocks

What blockchain has been able to do so far is create an app that sounds slightly futuristic, but so was the idea of online dating and Tinder, or Grindr.

LegalFling allows users to ‘allow and disallow’ consent by marking their choice before they engage in sexual activity, blockchain makes it tamper proof and protected. It also allows nude photos and sensitive messages to remain in a locked or shareable only when consented way. Making unconsentful sharing or leakages impossible on the network.

This makes ‘consent’ less dissent ridden. Today, people debate everywhere what consent entails. The only issue with this is that the answer is simple. No means no. Blockchain has simplified the debate to yes and no for the answer.

More and more dating platforms are rising. Whereby people cannot lie about their identities. An idea of a collective database of all sex workers from this world, including where and how to locate them, how to engage in the activity is underway. The industry is quickly being accessed  to genius minds trying to take the world on a journey to the futurely things. In an attempt to expedite change and quickly get even more efficient we can never ignore one of the biggest hidden economies within the world – the sex industry.

Decentralised Porn Industry

Users can create and share the kind of porn they would like. This means that the adult film industry can grow how its audience wants it to grow. The decentralised industry will be based on democratic guidelines. This makes things both safe and acessible for users and participants. Porn industries are also among the biggest. The issue of safety and legality remains nonetheless. The industry is ruled by terrible laws and the social norms allow participants to be raped, demonically assaulted and hurt in the name of creativity and method acting. This can be eliminated if legal systems based on blockchain register whether the video or pictures or whatever the nature of it is, was made in safe and legal environments. These responsibly crafted networks can shut down any unlawful business making the industry safe and well regulated.

Can not stress the need for all of this anymore. WE ARE SO PROUD! Are you?

Khunsha Javed

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