Blockchain is Definitely Here to Stay, Says Nuls’ Community Developer Josh Welham

The importance of the limitless possibilities that are offered by blockchain technology cannot be denied at all. Some experts believe it is the technology that will revolutionize the future by giving people the power, while others believe it has a lot of limitations and shortcomings associated with it. But in order to get a view of a person who is actively involved with the development and improvement of this technology, BlockPublisher got in touch with Josh Welham, who is a community developer at Nuls, a project aimed at providing blockchain-based solutions to the business and enterprise arena.

Talking about his overall opinions about blockchain, Josh stated:

Blockchain is definitely here to stay. It solves far too many real world problems for it to be a fad by internet-money-wizards. The issue we need to resolve in our space is adoption. We see new blockchain projects being introduced every day and existing projects disappearing at the same rate. This tells us we’re still in the early stages of blockchain development as so many projects are trying to enter the scene, develop their own unique solutions by building their custom bespoke blockchain, and then failing due to the overhead costs and fast pace technical advancement space.

Josh pointed out one of the most important details regarding the failure of most of the blockchain-based startups that are floating around. More than 2000+ crypto-projects are listed on CoinMarketCap, but are all going to survive? Not likely. Most of the startups are unable to keep up with the pace of development alongside managing the cost of running, as implied by Josh.

He further added:

If we look at existing technical tools outside of blockchain there are a small number of top dogs that are all designed to allow anyone to customise and build on top of them. These tools do so well in their own scene because people are able to instantly use and configure the tool to their preferred solution. Whereas if we look at existing top blockchain projects this isn’t the case, they’ve all been designed to solve X problem and X problem only. This is something that needs to be solved, and something that can be solved with modularity that NULS is introducing to the scene.

Josh elaborated an important point regarding the ‘not-so-large’ adoption of blockchain as of yet. Most of the top-notch blockchain platforms that are available nowadays do not allow the users to make necessary configurations. There is only a specific set of problems can be dealt with using these platforms. Nuls on the other hand, being modular, gives its users more freedom to solve a variety of different problems. This gives enterprises the opportunity to enter the arena of blockchain.

Josh summed up his statements by saying:

Solving this will allow the blockchain community bring the development cost, time, and experience down so more enterprises can enter the blockchain space. This is how we resolve real world problems with blockchain, we make it easier for blockchain to be adopted.

Complete details about the Nuls platform can be found here.

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