Blockchain Is Bringing Autonomy Back To The Online Adult Industry

What do online cam models and cryptocurrencies have in common? They’re both sidelined and marginalized when it comes to basking in the spotlight and getting the recognition they deserve for their work.

Well now it looks like crypto might be an actual savior for models in the adult industry while other digital outlets continue to ignore or ban adult services, online creators and models are turning towards the decentralized world to regain their autonomy and freedom.

As per a report by Rolling Stone, since major payment platforms and credit cards either exploit adult cam models or simply do not wish to do business with them, it turns out cryptocurrencies do not discriminate and that’s great news!

The article chronicles the stories of a few cam models that explain the inherent biases and exploitation of the online adult industry and how they decided to opt for crypto services instead. According to one model named Gabi, if you were unable to get any clients, your rating on platforms would drop and this accoring to her, “puts you in a position where you literally have to work for free for days and days and days. Every hour that you spend online without getting tipped, you can just hear the ranking number dropping in the back of your head. It’s extremely anxiety inducing, because the lower you get down in the rankings, the less your chance of making any money to bring your ranking up.”

She further added,

“They advertised me as a ‘Local sexy single in your area ready to fuck for free,’ Nothing about my services are free.”

According to Gabi, just when she had given up all hope, she came across the idea of a blockchain based platform currently under testing called ‘Spankchain’ where clients could make transactions in cryptos. She writes in the article, “I started seriously digging into cryptocurrency and how it could help with all of the payment processor issues that we’ve been having as sex workers.”

According to their official website, Spankchain aims to cut out the middleman and give power back to the workers and models, “Anyone, regardless of their profession, can use a public blockchain to store their funds and transact without fear of having their accounts shut down. Blockchain transactions also have strong finality guarantees, so the fraudulent chargebacks used as justification for classifying adult entertainment businesses as ‘high-risk’ are effectively impossible.

We absolutely love the initiative behind this platform since that’s the beauty of blockchain technology; no more exploiting hard working individuals regardless of their colour, their gender or their choice of profession.


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