Blockchain is a ‘Shared Hope Technology’, Says Host of Bitcoin Uncensored

Chris DeRose, host of Bitcoin Uncensored, blockchain enthusiast and podcaster, has regarded blockchain technology as ‘shared hope technology’. Chris DeRose has attended and hosted many cryptocurrency conferences like 2015 Mobile Payments Conference, Lessons from Bitcoin’s Civil War etc. He’s one of the well reputed and knowledgeable cryptocurrency and blockchain personality. He has contributed tremendously to blockchain and cryptocurrency through his articles and videos. He looked in to the blockchain based overseas payment service called cross-carrier payment system (CCPS), a combine effort of LG Uplus, Far EasTone Telecommunications, TBCASoft and SoftBank. After going through it, he enlightened BlockPublisher with his insights on the blockchain based platform. He commented;

So, I don’t know if blockchain actually exists anymore, other than as a shared hope. Looking at this, that’s what the press release is touting. Two players are going to settle customer values using ‘shared hope’ technology. Which, I guess is good.

Chris DeRose suggested that CCPS was aimed to cater customer values. CCPS will be launched in the beginning of next year. It will enable users to complete transactions on the payment networks of other telecom carriers. Like for instance, a LG Uplus user could buy at a selected retailer using his mobile phone when he travels to Taiwan and Japan. CCPS uses direct billing carrier billing and relieves the user from the overseas transfer fees. The service will also reduce the effect of fluctuations associated with foreign exchanges. Chris DeRose was bullish on the idea. He told BlockPublisher:

It stands a good chance at succeeding, I guess.

Far EasTone, SoftBank and TBCASoft founded a Carrier Blockchain Study Group ( CBSG ) in 2017. The blockchain consortium was aimed to work out a blockchain based platform for telecom carriers to provide carriers with protected digital payments, clearing and settlement, personal authentication, IoT applications etc. The prospect of cross-carrier payment system became doable after LG Uplus became a member of the the consortium in February.

Blockchain technology has been on the rise since its arrival. It remains prospective and promising irregardless of the field and system it is used in. Many systems have been replaced with blockchain technology while there are many still waiting for their turn.

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