Blockchain Ideas Hard to Swallow!

Blockchain ideas are all over the place an all the enthusiastic entrepreneurs have scrambled to fill out every niche available. From the Bitcoin pawnshop to blockchain insurance, things you could imagine. But, then there are things are hard to even imagine honestly. You know when you hit a writers bloc? So, we are wondering if there is something like an imagination bloc because your are about to hit one!

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Hoestly, we are very hungry for all the new blockchain ideas and if you have any we would love to know as well. You can comment below and we can assure you we are actually interested to know what you have in store. However, here are a few blockchain projects which we had trouble swallowing.

Duh, Pets?

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If you’re wondering what the hell are we talking about? You are not the first one! If you have strong faith in the tech industry you, it will be hard for you to admit that the crypto has made it possible for blockchain ideas that are a bit silly.

Let’s admit it okay? Pawtocol is a blockchain based pet care community with the primary incentive to help all pets all around the world to live longer and healthier lives by using artificial and groundbreaking technologies. Yes, it was hard for us to wrap our head around the idea too. Don’t worry we are all in this together.


Pawtocol is designed on a blockchain bases Artificial Intelligence system which makes sure a pet gets all the nutrition necessary. It’s apparently a project led by a team of experts and part of the project relies on “paws.” Yes, you have read it right! It’s actually a scanning device used for molecular analysis of pets. To go a bit more into details, it uses “photospectrometry” to check the pets food and toys for vitamins, toxins and minerals which are then shared on the blockchain and digested by the system.

Blockchain Buddhism?

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Just when you thought you couldn’t be surprised any further. Well, guess what surprise surprise!

So, have you ever been in a downward dog position in Yoga class and out of the blue come up with an idea? Well, someone clearly did and thought meditation could have its own blockchain.

Most of the times when religion has entered the crypto-space it has been in parody such as the Jesuscoin. However, my fellow reader this time its a bit different and its not a joke. Lotosnetwork has put Buddhism on the blockchain. It has the first ever crypto-graphically secure network for enlightenment and meditation. It aims to use the blockchain technology to fix the problems in the world of the Buddhist teachings. Its a project that aims to explore and realize Buddha’s vision in the modern times.

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The idea is to replace brick and mortar houses with digital temples. Since, physical temples can be hard to find and even harder to travel to. So, there you have it. A place to attain inner peace!

If you have got any weird blockchain ideas hit us up! We would love to know all about it!

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