Blockchain & Healthcare – The Kismet Connection

Blockchain is erupting out on the global scale as the technology of the future at a very rapid pace. 2017 and 2018 proved to be quite good years for this technology as various startups and projects came into the picture trying to use this technology in different sectors of life. Right now, there are more than 2000 cryptocurrency startups on CoinMarketCap. Blockchain is being employed by various projects to revitalize the arena of logistics, music, content-creation, governmental operations etc. But our prime focus in this roundup is healthcare. It’s a kismet connection between healthcare and blockchain, we just don’t realize it yet.

Blockchain is essentially a distributed database which can span its wings across the globe. The networks that are formed using this tech are not limited to a country or a specific location, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the help of the internet. So how does this help us in the sector of healthcare? The answer, medical records.

Medical records of a person carry extreme value. What previous medications did a person use or what procedures someone went through, all of this information can be put on a blockchain. Currently, separate hospitals maintain their own specific records. If the information contained in these records is put on a blockchain, it can be accessed from anywhere around the world and in such a framework, ease can be provided to a patient even if he is not in his native country. A fabric of trust can be established among different hospitals helping not only the patients, but the hospitals as well.

If a person is a native to the United States and is traveling to Pakistan, he can access his medical record on the go if they are put on a blockchain-based network. Doctors in Pakistan can use the patient’s previous information in order to treat him properly.

Again, it’s a kismet connection. If used properly, blockchain can help form global healthcare networks providing patients with their records on the go. We are already seeing healthcare-based blockchain projects like MediBloc and Dentacoin getting into the arena. This tech can surely prove to be extremely helpful if used properly in this area.

As move forward in 2019, let’s see to what extent does blockchain revitalize the healthcare arena. It’s about time we start using blockchain in areas other than finance.

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